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They may not reveal everything, but folks can get a pretty good idea of how John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen feel about each other via social media.

The couple, which graces the cover of the latest issue of DuJour magazine, open up about their regular, but irregular relationship while putting their love on display in a sexy photo spread for the publication. While the couple strikes a pose together, Teigen brings her birthday suit to roll around in the ocean at the beach.

When it comes to their relationship, Legend and Teigen have stood out by bucking the trend of celebrities keeping their private life private. In fact, the pair is united in sharing a good bit of their time together with fans on social media. For Legend, the openness is a natural thing for him and Teigen.


“I never understood the purpose of being secretive and coy and trying to disguise the fact that you’re together. It’s odd to shut off a major section of your life and say, ‘Well, that’s off-limits.,’” the singer shared regarding why he and Teigen are so open with their love.

“We don’t discuss everything in public, but I feel like it’s OK to show people that we love each other.”

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(Photo Source: Chrissy Tiegen Instagram)

14 thoughts on “Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Explain They’re Open Love on Social Media

  1. Phylis on said:

    John seems as if as he is as boring as his music, Chrissy wishes he could love her, but her quest is 2 make him, She is fighting an uphill battle !! John is a dweed, !!!!!!!!!!

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    • Jodi on said:

      I bet the idiot who penned the title to this article thinks “their” cute also! No offense to your comment, Candance. I’m just so disappointed and fed up with the constant lack of attention to detail by the Yahoo writing/editing team.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    “It’s odd to shut off a major section of your life and say, ‘Well, that’s off-limits” Hmmmm I wonder why the other success married couples didn’t think of this? Probably because it doesn’t work. Your private lives are just that, leave the media and social media out of it. There will come a day you will regret it.

    • that’s ok many white folks will remind them they are not of the same race, especially those whites that work on the police force like many of them in Houston Texas, let them drive around on the southwest side of town , not only will these crooked cops jack their ass but will drive their transportation while they watch in handcuffs

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