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Despite facing an uphill battle after being shot in the head, Turan Caudle is overcoming odds with a miraculous recovery.

NBC Washington reports the shooting occurred in January after the 17-year-old and his friend, Delano Dunmore, got into an argument over a video game in Dunmore’s home in Maryland. After shooting Caudle, the 16-year-old allegedly turned the gun on himself. Although both were sustained injuries, Caudle and Dunmore survived.

For Caudle, doctors ended up removing half of his skull after the shooting. They later told Caudle’s mother Sherita, that her son might not make it through the night.

never could imagine that could happen with them just playing a video game,” Sherita Caudle told NBC Washington, which noted that Turan was not expected to walk or talk if he did survive the shooting.

Fortunately, Turan isn’t ready to call it quits as he continues to improve. The teen’s journey to recovery includes relearning basic skills like walking and talking. Aiding in Turan’s recovery is his mother, who takes him to a Baltimore rehabilitation center every day.

As for Dunmore, he currently faces assault charges for the incident. Dunmore originally faced charges of murder, but ended up with assault charges in light of Turan surviving the shooting.

To help Turan and his family pay for medical expenses a GoFundMe account has been created.

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(Photo Source: NBC News 4)

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19 thoughts on “17-Year-Old Recovering After Friend Shoots Him in the Head

  1. Harold WIlliams on said:

    Its a shame that you racist, bigoted, stupid trolls have nothing else to do except monitor a Black website and spew your hatred on Black people. You cowards should go back and finish hiding behind your keyboards.

  2. Truth on said:

    As if we needed any more proof that biases don’t actually need their I evolved brains to survive.
    Never forget, when dealing with this species lost to time, head shots are highly inefficient. Go for center mass always.

  3. Blackliesmatter on said:

    Too bad that boy wasn’t a better shot because that n!gger was ugly enough before half its head went missing.

  4. thedmancometh on said:

    When things like this happen,and people debate whether God was involved one way or the other,we have to face the facts first.Was this a legal registered handgun?Why was it loaded and being messed with? Either way some would pray and others would question,but it wasn’t a smart situation & the real fault lies with why they were messing with a loaded gun.Not God!

    • MacBen on said:

      Another simpleton’s response to a real question… What’s the matter, frustrated with the truth so you lash out like a 3yr old at bedtime?? C’mon man! Do better.

  5. Timothy Green on said:

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  6. MacBen on said:

    So… the doctors saved him and you give credit to God, believing that he allowed this to happen so he could prove a point? That is what I meant by sadistic. Really, help me understand your logic. Is the same thing going on in Texas right now??

    • specialt757 on said:

      Obviously God and God’s work is above your level of understanding. Nothing I could say will make you see things differently. I’m sad for you.

      • MacBen on said:

        Cop out. C’mon. I’m serious… Then can you explain how created dinosaurs? We know that they existed because man finds whole skeletons, fossils and eggs all the time. The thing is some are 20, 50 and even 90 million years old however most theologians say the world is 10 to 20 thousand years old. Further, The Book of Genesis talks about how man was created first. How can that be when dinosaurs (mostly carnivores) roamed the earth and surely would have devoured all man-kind over millions (or tens of thousands) of years…right?

  7. specialt757 on said:

    I guess God had other plans. You know the saying “if you want to a make God laugh, tell him your plan”.

      • specialt757 on said:

        I think not. My comment was based on him surviving after being shot in the head. It’s great, where the doctors thought he wouldn’t survive, God had other plans for this young man’s life.

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