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More info is coming out about the relationship between Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon.

It seems she was accused of cheating on Gordon not too long before she was found unconscious in her bathtub back in January.

Debra Reis Brooks who is Brown’s neighbor said that there was another man in Brown’s life named Duane Tyrone Hall, and Gordon knew about it, reports Enstarz.

The night before Bobbi K was found in the tub face down, Brooks says Gordon was steaming mad after finding out about the situation.

According to Enstarz‘s report, Brown and Gordon were hanging out with the friend who found Bobbi K, Max Lomas, 25, and his girlfriend, Danyela Bradley, 18.

Earlier this week, Brooks said that Brown and Gordon “had a fight at 12:30a.m.” before Gordon and Lomas left the home.

“That’s supposedly when this other guy came over to Krissi’s. There was some discussion of some guy who came over and [he and Bobbi Kristina Brown] fooled around – that’s what Nick said!”

Interestingly enough, the last snapshot Brown posted on Instagram was of her and Hall. She captioned it, “YAYYYY finally my famBAM!!!!”

For what it worth, another anonymous insider said, “If Nick caught Bobbi Kristina in bed with a guy, it would certainly make sense that a violent confrontation would occur.”

Whether Brooks’ story is accurate or not, in an interview with Extra, Gordon’s brother, Jack Walker, did say – among other interesting things – that Bobbi K and Nick did indeed have a huge argument the night before she was found in the tub, unconscious.

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(Photo Source: Bobbi Kristina Instagram)

27 thoughts on “Rumor Report: Neighbor Says Bobbi Kristina Was Cheating on Nick Gordon

  1. festo tembo on said:

    Bobbi was raised up in a dysfunctional home with both parents on booze and drugs but wanting for nothing. Had she’d been raised by her maternal grandmother, she may have had a better chance in life as she would have been away from parents who would have been so stoned that they would have taken the drugs and alcohol in her presence and introducing them to her at an early age. Bobbi had no direction from the word go.

    • kay M on said:

      Her maternal grandmother? For real? Cissy Houston raised Whitney and exposed her to way too much. Showbiz is not for children. The cycle just repeating itself.

  2. Mika on said:

    Still would be interested to know- how she ended up in the bath tub like that?! The truth will come out …
    It may not be pretty….

  3. Vivian L on said:

    Who cares if she was cheating. Nick is a piece of shit and is clearly guilty of killing her. The family should let the other man come vusit her to help her wake up. I’m sure he was good to her.

  4. Beatrice Calhoun on said:

    Where is the compassion for human life? No one cares what someone was doing or not doing; the fact remains that this human life no longer exist as it was. Prayer and compassion appears to be something human beings have thrown out the window, people are just cold and callous now until it happens to them and then they want someone to feel sorry for them. Move on, life goes on, being so judgmental is not how human beings are suppose to be. Would you want this to happen to anyone in your family? No one cares what color or religion they are; fact is that they are in a vegetative state–and prayer is needed for all involved.

  5. Whydah on said:

    I feel that if that is the case Bobbie was seeing someone else, it is most likely this opportunist could have drowned her.

  6. Dr. Lafayette on said:

    The media does not give accurate information as they did years ago.. Michael Jackson did not die of an overdose of drugs, His Medical Doctor murdered him while Michael was under his care. Whitney Huston did not die of an over dose of drugs. She had a Hugh bump on the back of her head when she fell in the tub face down and drowned!

    Bobbie Kristi was not married to Nick Gordon and if she chose to date someone else, so be it. Men do it all the time married or single. The bruises on her face and body need to be looked into as well.
    I hope the Investigators took sample of anything under her nails or body or the blood that was over the house for DNA testing.

  7. carmina.jacobs on said:

    Does anybody REALLY care about this??! Why are they trying to drum up bits and pieces of nonsense for a stupid article?? This girl is on her deathbed- she’s basically already there. No one cares what she was doing, or who she was messing around with before she went into a coma. Stop trying to bring up a subject from the dead. no one cares.

  8. The sadness in this story is all you media buzzards posting story’s that are not fact & lean more toward fiction as this young woman is fighting for her life

  9. Alfonso Rodman on said:

    Why bother posting nonsense like this? The woman nearly DIED in a very questionable circumstance, that looked more like Nick attempted to kill her than anything else. If you want to post something, then let it be positive messages that she hopefully is doing better and is on the way to a full recovery…. ENOUGH WITH THIS GOSSIP BULLSHIT

  10. Who the heck cares what she was doing. It is Nick who is guilty of hurting her…no matter what she did. He needs to be in jail…torture his a– ’til he confesses. Let us pray that soon she will have brain function.

    • Alfonso Rodman on said:

      @James…the FOOL in the white house is a J(O)(O), he is not African American. You will have to learn about Rabbinical Law and how they determine races. If the mother is a J(O)(O) as NOBAMA’S mother is, then you are said to be a J(O)(O). So he in their eyes despite skin color is a J(O)(O). Didn’t you see him as PASSOVER with his fellow J(O)(O)S? Did you see him attend a Black Solidarity Day event? Or speak on anything during BLACK HISTORY MONTH?…No you didn’t. He is not one of you despite appearance.

  11. Of course I am saddened whenever I read of someone who succumbs to the call of drugs to cope with life. Be they just ordinary folk or celebrities.
    However this story just keeps being in the headlines, blow by blow as to the Brown family and it’s getting boring and so damn old.
    Why not the press just let her rest as she may and God willing, make a full recovery from this incident. I couldn’t care less as to what she was doing or her boyfriend was doing to each other.
    As to the family bickering over her estate, it reminds me of a bunch of buzzards waiting for the old desert prospector to die so they can peck his eyes out.

    • Beatrice Calhoun on said:

      My sentiments exactly. The press tends to continuously beat a dead horse expecting it to get up and run the race. This is an issue no longer interesting to any of us.

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