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A lawsuit involving Mariah Carey and a former assistant has been resolved, thanks to a confidential settlement reached by the singer.

Newly filed court documents reveal the dispute stemmed from claims made by Ylser Oliver, who accused Carey of violating labor laws by not giving her breaks, in addition to not paying her more than 4,000 overtime hours.

Oliver ultimately sued Carey while claiming the entertainer had her working up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week without ever being compensated for her overtime. The 44-year-old ex-assistant worked for Carey from May 2007 – June 2014 before she quit.

Among her duties were cleaning Carey’s New York home, packing her suitcases and taking care of her personal needs. In her suit, Oliver mentioned that she often traveled with Carey and took care of her personal and private correspondences. Although her stint with Carey lasted seven years, Oliver goes on to accuse Carey of not providing her with meal breaks.

Court documents highlight Oliver saying that Carey should’ve been aware that what she was doing was illegal and in violation of law. Oliver is demanding all of the 4,000-overtime hours of pay along with damages for Carey’s willful disregard for the labor laws.

As it turned out, a response to the allegations in Oliver’s lawsuit was never filed by Carey, noted, adding that the case had been pending since last year.

Despite this, Carey has taken action via her lawyer who filed documents on May 12 stating that the “We Belong Together” vocalist reached a settlement with Oliver and that the matter had been resolved in principle.

According to the lawyer, the deal will be fully executed within the next 30 days. As a result, both parties informed the court to take off all hearings and deadlines for the case due to them working out a confidential deal.

To see the court documents related to the case, click here.

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