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One of music’s hottest up-and-coming stars, August Alsina, took to Instagram to report that he has an eye disease that caused him to lose vision in his left eye while his right eye was also slowly deteriorating. This came as a shock to many of his fans who were not aware that he had any medical problems, much less something that might potentially cause him to lose his vision entirely.

So far, the name of the condition or disease that caused his vision problems has not been reported, and it wasn’t named in his Instagram post. But we’re definitely happy to hear that with the surgery, he will likely make a full recovery and be able to see again with both eyes. While the picture in the surgery looks like something you might expect to see in a Sci-fi movie, I think we can all be grateful that we live in a time that such medical advances are available.

Speaking of gratitude, as you can read, August concluded his emotional reveal with the following words, “Thank God the OG for allowing me to see.. The good the bad the ugly, I’m just glad to see.” So let this be your daily reminder to give thanks for the things that we might take for granted.

Wishing you a speedy recovery August!

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