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A young woman from Chicago has conquered the challenge of earning a master’s degree, and now she’s going for her doctorate.

You might want to re-evaluate some of your life choices after hearing about 16-year-old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry.

While most kids her age are just starting to think about college, she is focused on achieving the highest level of academic success. According to WLS-TV, the student will be pursuing a Ph.D. in aviation psychology starting this fall.

Being ahead of the game is just a way of life for Arzu-Embry. After being home schooled from a young age, she went to college at just 11 years old. In her downtime, she also had a chance to write three books!

It’s not clear what she plans on doing with her doctorate, but we’re pretty sure that Arzu-Embry will be running the world at some point. Probably by the age of 25.

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10 thoughts on “AMAZING: 16-Year-Old Chicago Girl Going For Her Doctorate

  1. Linda on said:

    Kudo’s to this young lady!!!!!!

    It is nice to hear some POSITIVE news regarding young folks these days. The media focuses way too much on the negative-particularly where folks of color are concerned!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    “…Arzu-Embry will be running the world at some point. Probably by the age of 25.” I think so! Congrats to this young lady, I hope to hear more great things about her in the future.

  3. In addition mac ben, this young lady can open up her “own” business. … So much for unemployment, Mac ben

    And by the way, Congratulations young lady!

  4. Here we go. MacBen you are just jealous and threatened by black success such as this. Do you feel the same way about Asian names?

    Names such as this young lady’s name were ancestors names before the slaves were kidnapped into America and forced to take on European names.

  5. LadyT on said:

    With all the negative news we’re hearing lately this is so refreshing and wonderful to read. CONGRATULATIONS YOUNG LADY AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH! !!!

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