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It’s no secret that diabetes is a major illness among African-American people. According to the American Diabetes Association 4.9 million, or 18.7% of all African-Americans 20 years or older suffer from diabetes. The shocking news is that diabetes is 60% more common in African-Americans than in white Americans. African-Americans are twice as likely to suffer an amputation and five times more likely to suffer kidney disease than other people with diabetes. It doesn’t stop there; African Americans are almost 50% more likely to develop diabetic retinopathy leading to blindness than other races. We have a health emergency in the black community and we need to use every tool at our disposal to conquer this illness.

Its nice to have a smartphone but we need to learn to do more with the technology than talk, text and post tweets and images on some social media site. We need to learn to use technology to confront, manage and eventually eliminate the problems that plague black people.

Odds are that you know someone with diabetes; maybe yourself or a relative. And I bet you or that person have a nice smartphone. There are apps available for both Android and iPhone that are designed to help monitor and control diabetes. Its time black people learn how to use that technology to effectively manage and control diabetes. I strongly urge you to investigate the best of these apps listed below to help yourself or someone you love.

Fooducate – Available free on Android and iPhone. Managing diabetes is about managing your diet. The task reaches beyond just counting calories and watching your weight. Black people suffering with this disease need to focus on what’s in their food. Ingredients matter. Fooducate can show you which foods are high in sugar, fats and other unnecessary ingredients. The app scans bar codes on the products you buy and helps you decide what packaged food you should or should not eat. You can upgrade your account to the premium level and add in specifics about your personal health and health goals. Additional features with the upgrade include tips and information about gluten and allergies.

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