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Funny lady  Cocoa Brown plays Jennifer on Tyler Perry’s hit OWN television show For Better Or Worse but you may know her from The Single Moms Club a well.  She has on the show, she has a very specific role to play.

“She’s the mouth, honey, she’s the human Twitter,” Brown jokes. She’s on the show because she was discovered by its creator Tyler Perry.

“He had seen me doing standup like a year before,” she says. “He was a fan and I didn’t know. He said all you had to know how to do was act for me. I was already a fan. Luckily I was ready. I knew how to act.”

Cocoa Brown is a good friend to J. Anthony Brown, but she says she can’t perform at The J Spot as much as she used to.

“You know the real money is on the road,” says Brown. “But I’ll come by if I’m feeling generous.”

The single mom of one son says she is dating, but just can’t seem to find a man her age.

“I just have to give in and date who I want to date and not care what anyone else thinks. I just can’t meet anyone over 30. The babies love me,” she says. When pressed, though, Brown does admit to a special someone, who also works in the entertainment business.

“He’s a model,” she says. “Don’t judge me honey, if I can still get ’em, you better celebrate me. I can dye this gray and  still get them, I’m doing something right.”

 Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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Cocoa Brown On How She Was Discovered By Tyler Perry, Dating Young & More was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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