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In light of Bruce Jenner’s transition to becoming a woman, Jacque Reid talks to Jodie Patterson, a mother who is letting her seven-year-old daughter,  identify as male.

“I thought it was one of the biggest interviews of the year. It was such a great moment for us as a family. Just really being so proud that the conversation wasn’t dumbed down,” Patterson said.

On the negative feedback:

“We’re not doing much. We’re just responding. There is no physical thing going on. It’s just language at this point.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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8 thoughts on “Jacque Reid Talks To A Mother Who Is Allowing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Identify As Male

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    So…from these comments one can gather that there is something in black DNA that makes black males want to be girls and makes black women look and act like men. Daaaaamn. No wonder so-called “cave n!ggers” and evil white folks out-whitted, and out-smarted a bunch of kings and queens…we got “hoe” blood!

  2. Seven is a bit young to make these decisions. My son can not choose his breakfast in the morning . .. he may think girls are cute, doesn’t mean he wants to be one! Now Bruce, you are 65 . . .

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…Bruce, you are 65” I wouldn’t have an issue if Bruce announced to the world he is gay, okay fine, no one really cares. But to have lived an entire lifetime as a man, married three times, fathered a number of children and you now want to live your life as a woman? (who would date you? oh never mind there are loads of sick individuals available). I just don’t get it, is this for the attention or thrill or what? Whatever it is I for one wished he would have stayed in the closet with this nonsense.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Relating to the article, I don’t think parents should allow a seven year old to make life long decisions about who they are. They are so immature at this point in their lives. Wait and time will reveal who they are. It’s a tough situation to be in, God help them.

    • I too feel at seven years old, that is an impressionable age and they are not aware of anything for sure but what they are subjected to and the enviroment. If we say a seven years old is born a racist that would be argued and even at age 7, it would be said that they don’t know better, but repeating what they are taught! I feel the Bruce Jenner story with that family is something else to get attention and they have proved to do just that at any extent!

  4. Tina on said:

    I heard the interview and I also heard how Jay and Tom was making uneducated so called funny comments about Bruce Jenner. Playing I’m every woman dedicated to Bruce. Jay’s murder a hit. I get it they are comedians but some things need not be made fun of. It won’t be so funny if in their family it happens!!! I have a gay brother not the same as transgender but to make the analogy, we ALWAYS KNEW HE WAS GAY FROM A LITTLE BOY. I am 8 years older than him. He once said to an ignorant relative “Do you think I would chose to be GAY with all the strife and stress that comes with it” I pose that question to Jay & Tom. Do you think BJ chose to be transgender? HE IS A WOMEN AND KNEW IT SINCE HE WAS A CHILD. As much as Tom you push HBCU and education, how about you take your own advice.

    • I have a few in my family, and we are light hearted about it and accept all of them. They joke on themselves. I guess it depends on your perspective.

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