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Jesse Williams is using the power of social media to question national coverage of the protests in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray.

Taking to Twitter on Monday (April 26), the outspoken “Grey’s Anatomy” star expressed his views on the situation with a slew of scathing tweets directed at the media. In addition, Williams leveled comments for critics of the young black men participating in the rioting, looting and destruction of property in Baltimore.

While the bold comments and thought-provoking questions raised by Williams’ tweets are indeed raising eyebrows with a call to examine the real issues pertaining to Gray’s death, it’s the following post in particular that deserves a retweet:

“You want us to condemn black folks being violent against PROPERTY but you NEVER condemn police killing actual PEOPLE. #Explain #JustTry”

Images From Baltimore: #FreddieGray
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(Photo Source: Jesse Williams Instagram)

25 thoughts on “Jesse Williams Questions Criticism of Baltimore ‘Riots’ on Twitter

  1. George on said:

    Here is what I do know, the way to protest cops murdering people. You don’t attack people who had nothing to do with the event. You don’t burn down and loot businesses that had no hand in the event. You want change, go burn down city hall, or burn down the property of the police chief, or the mayor or the governor. Then we can talk. Until then all you are doing is targeting people who did nothing but make your neighborhood better.

  2. Da Rubo on said:

    So, if it comes out that what the other prisoner said its true, that freddy was trying to hurt himself, what will these “rioters/protesters” do and say? well, I’m sure that it is the white mans fault. “end police brutality”??? how about end black brutality….

  3. Shaking Myhead on said:

    Just another hypocrite Hollywood liberal. What are you doing about it? Do you question your own leadership or just blame the white man for everything? Why not get real on black crime and see just how much of it there is? Stop supporting government programs which produce handouts and don’t enable those to strive for something better! Freaking clown.

  4. Radie,
    I am a Black Woman, full Black Woman! However, my understanding of a protest is not a parade, dancing or acting as if it’s a celebration. You walk in the street with signs stating your cause for protesting. I live in St.Louis, and I wanted to go to the Protest for Mike Brown, because of the behaviors previously mentioned I did not and told my son not to. My son responded ” Momma, they are acting a fool they are not protesting”.

  5. Lewis on said:

    They do it too is not an argument that an adult makes; I guess he thinks it’s ok to destroy property and hurt innocent people.

    Gandhi he is not; enlightened he is not

  6. Here I was agreeing with you and you are still not happy!. I think you are just not a happy person. I got a suggestion, maybe it will work, maybe not but why don’t you burn a building down, throw rocks at police officer, jump on police cars. Just work out that anger.

  7. This is true, White kids vandalize and loot far more than black people. This is why white kids are always stopped and frisked, being roughed up, and shot. This is why White kids riot and burn buildings, attack people. Darn ol’ White Kids!, if only we could get rid of them we would have peace.

    • I said it. on said:

      While you were being cute, you should have taken the time to read the article and go to the numerous examples at the bottom of the page. That would have been too much like right (white).

  8. And Deb you cannot be black to say such BS…what would you know about what the solution is…when the reality is that white folk don’t want a solution…you get off on seeing black people being in pain and hurting…killed…poor…hungry…uneducated, etc…because it gives you a sense of you are better…even when you know you are not…if we want to play music..(which is relieving and good for the soul) then we’s called rejoicing in the face of sadness…madness…or would you rather us take up arms and start killing people…you fell to understand that the real violence done to black people in this country can never be measured by a few burning buildings and bottle and bricks being thrown…black people have been on the sideline for centuries never looking for retribution for what was done to our ancestors..and still not…but we DEMAND to be treated with dignity and respect…in the 21st century…and we will protect our black men…come hell or high water…..white people are not our GOD…so therefore we will navigate through this earth how we see fit…we will never do think or do things the same as white people…and thank GOD for that..because it’s obvious that we are two different kind of human species..wash the blood off your hands…before you start blaming the victim….

  9. Police kill people.. sometimes it’s their job. Until its proven that these cops did anything wrong- the law requires due process. It was proven by the witnesses and evidence the Brown fought the cop… BANG. The cop has every right to shoot him. Now onto your sweet little angels – the good kids – that steal, burn everything, break their neighborhoods; what are they getting out of that? Satisfaction? A bottle of Booze and a Big Screen? Go on.. Justify Jesse. What do they get out of it? Your comparison is weak minded and your mom should slap you back to whatever hole you climbed out of.

    Here’s to the decent people of America – don’t be a burden to the fabric of society then complain about the rips.

  10. Linda on said:

    The media tends to blow things out of proportion and to always focus on the negative when pertaining to African-Americans.

    Was it really necessary for the news channels to continually show the looters and none of the people who were peacefully protesting and not involved in any violence?

    Which is why when you watch television, you must read between the lines and think about what it is they are not showing you!

    Since the media is owned/run by White folks-it explains quite alot why the news is shown the way it is!—TO PORTRAY US IN THE WORSE MANNER POSSIBLE!!!!!

  11. specialt757 on said:

    Well all I can say is Michael Vick went to jail for his role in the killing of dogs and white police officers and wanna be police officers don’t even get prosecuted for killing black men. Oh yeah that’s right it’s self- defense, what BS. Yeah property (dogs are property) is more important than a black man’s life. Please don’t let us lose focus on the real issues in this case, WHAT HAPPENED TO FREDDIE GRAY WHILE IN THE CUSTODY OF THE BALTIMORE POLICE? HOW WAS HIS NECK SEVERED FROM HIS SPINE? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH AND WHEN WILL THEY BE PROSECUTED?

  12. wow…you know, I never actually looked at it that way but Jesse makes a very valid point. Whereby the loss of businesses…and my heart goes out to those business owners who were there to serve the community and not part of the problem, the outcry was NEVER as loud for the loss of any of these human lives as much as it was for any property damage or loss. Police officers and the White community needs to close their eyes and imagine that any one of those Black lives lost were not Black but White…if any one of those young men and boys who died the way they did, were THEIR sons, brothers, fathers….how would they feel?

    • There is nothing valid about Mr. William’s point. I guarantee you that if a marauding gang of hoodlums had stormed his house, took whatever they wanted and then burned his house to the ground, he’d be singing a very different tune. These ignorant assholes destroyed what I’m sure some people worked their whole lives for. Hundreds of people have been killed by cops just this year alone. You think they were all black? But you don’t see whites, Hispanics, Native Americans or any other race, destroying their own people’s neighborhoods just to score new Jordans and big screens. Anyone that tries to justify the actions of these thugs should be ashamed. Try to picture if you can, a whole neighborhood of white people torching each others houses, business, schools and jumping up and down on police cars looking like a scene from The Planet Of The Apes after OJ Simpson was found not guilty. Bet you can’t even conjure up that image, can you?

      • Kate, Mr. Williams point wouldn’t be valid to you, because you could NEVER understand what it is to be an African American or to have a Son, Father, Brother, Uncle, or Cousin that is African American. You can spit that BS all day long about cops killing hundreds and not all were black, but you KNOW that cops DO NOT viciously gun down white, like they’re a bunch of savages the way that they have been doing black people. YOU won’t ever have to FEEL the injustice that an African American does just because of the color of our skin. That’s EXACTLY why we don’t see white folks burning down houses and resorting to violence, because it doesn’t happen to them. I don’t condone the violence either, but just as Mr. Williams said, where is the outcry for the deaths of unarmed black men? Even with the Boston bomber and the lunatic (both white) that shot up the theater and killed all those people, they were apprehended and ARRESTED, not shot to death. Explain THAT!! When anyone (regardless of race) commits a crime, they should be arrested, tried and punished if they’re guilty, but EVERYONE should get the chance to make it to the courtroom, not die in the street or in the custody of the police. No, ALL cops aren’t bad but you’d think that every American would want to see JUSTICE for ALL and take a stand against these crooked and biased police officer. Apparently, you can’t see (or don’t want to) the underlying issues, you only see what your bigoted eyes want you to see.

      • I’m going to give you and angie a pass because you both are making assumptions about someone you know absolutely nothing about. But trust me when I say I didn’t see strong black brothers and sisters running through the local mall with armloads of stolen property. I didn’t see strong black brothers and sisters burning down the very neighborhood that their children have to live in. I didn’t see strong black brothers and sisters jumping up and down on burned out vehicles. And if you think sharon that all of the hundreds of people shot in the US just this year alone were black, then I can totally understand your woefully misguided point of view. They were not all black. It’s just that as usual, we are the only ones who choose to destroy our own because we are afraid to go into the neighborhood in which our perceived enemies live to destroy them. What about that translate to strong black men and women?

      • angietangie on said:

        Hey Kates like the young lady said you will never know what it is to be black fool! You white people(don’t like that do you?) will kill your mama, daddy, sister, brother, baby, mother inlaw, father inlaw, the neighbors or anybody that is in your way, all because you lost you job, or your home, or your wife left your sorry ass, but you don’t see the cops shooting those white people up. We are not monkeys, we are humans just like your monkey ass, the only difference is we are strong, not weak, black bothers and sisters and we will stick together. We want justice, BURN THAT BITCH DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not that i condone violence.but we are tired. Tired of these white ass cops killing our black sons, fathers, brothers, and uncles. DO YOU HEAR US NOW WHITE BOY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. And of course this guy doesn’t own a home or business anywhere near the black folks tearing up the neighborhood…he thinks it’s ok because his CVS is open and intact…he can be on the streets where he lives past 10pm because there is no curfew…and his home is in a really nice, protected neighborhood, so of course he doesn’t mind if the black folks riot and tear up their own neighborhood.

  14. Stealing, Violence and Destroying your own community is not the answer. Dancing, Rollerskating and Playing Instruments is not a Protest. I’m not minimizing Mr. Grays death. Acting a Fool is not the answer, and it will not bring a solution!

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