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Geraldo Rivera should’ve known better.

The Fox News reporter on Tuesday found himself in the middle of an angry crowd of peaceful protesters in Baltimore who refused to let him report live for Hannity without voicing their opinions on his coverage and his network as a whole.

“We don’t want you here! We don’t need your false coverage!” one man shouted as Rivera attempted to interview Maryland State Senator, Catherine E. Pugh. The man deliberately blocked Rivera’s camera shot, causing him to bark, “Cmon, get out of the way man!”

The man put his finger in Geraldo’s face and yelled, “Don’t touch me!”

“Well stop blocking the camera!” Geraldo responded. This is when Sen. Pugh eased herself between the two to calm them down.

Another woman interrupted Geraldo’s interview with Pugh by repeatedly accusing him of “making money from Black people’s pain.”

“Stop making money exploiting Black people, Geraldo! Fox News is making money off exploiting Black people! Stop making money off Black pain,” she said.

Referring to Sen. Pugh, he added that he wanted to “Get her away from these vandals here.”

But Pugh shared an emotional hug with a protester who was wielding a bottle, and angrily told Rivera that demonstrators were not looking for trouble.

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207 thoughts on “Geraldo Rivera Confronted By Protester: ‘We Want Fox News Out Of Baltimore’

  1. A product of their failed culture, and not America.

    Cut off the free stuff and let them assimilate or self-exterminate.

    As a vet time we took back America form the leftist, Obama the despot and this example of the biggest failure in American history – the black American family.

    Al Sharpton, pimp, pusher and not so Rev. popping Viagra at 78 y.o. says it all.

    Male egocentric with both organs not as big as they think or claimed to be.

  2. Angela Tucker on said:

    OMG it’s so much Racist Comments on this website. I don’t agree with anyone rioting regardless of skin color.. But it seems like everyone is missing the point! It’s about someone who has lost their life regardless of their skin color. I don’t care who don’t like my comment! I don’t care who will respond with something racist! I don’t do the back and fourth with the replies. Have a Great Day People it’s Friday…:)

    • Not racists comments here, but the truth…we owe you nothing losers.

      Go to those Democrats in their grave yard that made you slaves, kept you as sharecroppers on land they owned and later beat and killed you in the 1960-1970… and having a core family with a real man, not these egocentric violent street punks who need more of the same as the heroic mother who saved her son not from the gun or police, but from his own immaturity, stupidity, little black make hormones and a education system that rewards laziness, academic failure, and tolerance for crime.

      I can’t breathe from the stench of those supporting this lifestyle and have made excuses for the high crime rates in our cities and in these families without a man.

      Time we change the culture and start with bayonets and a gun aimed at looters and arsonists….the numbers of us whites killed by cops is exactly what Obama and heathen Al?

      maybe we should riot too and burn your hoes, cars and attack you and your black leaders who risking our homes, businesses, families and livelihoods…but then we are not like you and your kind…we are real men…real women…real Americans…and real Christians.

  3. These People are Low Life Kept People !! You can take the Man out of the Jungle but you cant take the Jungle out of the Man,Animals !!

  4. John Content on said:

    Oh…what’s this? Nothing much. Just a list of some of the many white riots that outnumber black riots 6-1.

  5. Baltimore has the same ignorant people as Ferguson seeing some reporters trying to get comment and they all had the same attitude they had already come to judgement and refused to accept any facts yet to be released. Get cameras out of there because it seems that they seek a camera to grandstand. Makes me wonder were they born stupid or did they just grow up that way.

  6. Baltimore is the prime example of the failed liberal agenda in America. Money thrown at a failed education sytem, a judicial system thatcomes with it’s own revolving dor, a population with excessive unemployment, a failed family system with no struction accountability or responsibility. If you like what you see it will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon. The system has taught young whites they enjoy “white privileges”, and “you were born on third base so learn to pay an unfair rate of taxes, go without and ge use to it”

  7. SomeChump on said:

    So they scream its their first amendment right to protest, but wants Fox news to be disappear and be silent? Hmm.. Seems rather hypocritical to me.

  8. Rick on said:

    A lot of Black people are proving to be the scourge of the country. Always with there hand out and always breaking the law with no respect foranyone,including themselves. Not all, but manymanymany

  9. rytwinger on said:

    I agree, I’m sick of watching the chimp out. Further, I want MY tax money out of Baltimore and all other negro holes. Do something for yourselves, losers. EVOLVE, maybe?

  10. Johnson on said:

    He is making a mistake trying to kick fox out. Fox is the most watched media. They have more viewers than cnn, msnbc combined. If they want to get their message to America they need fox.

  11. and yet ANOTHER brain-dead ignorant sycophant of the lib-iots spews their idiocy publicly…
    these idiotic yard simians seem to think they can do and touch what they please and deny the same to anyone and everyone else…

    in andrew harrisons immortal words…

    F**k this N|&&3r…

    • rytwinger on said:

      Its hard to believe someone calling themselves a human can actually be this stupid, but there you are. Enjoy the nearing collapse moron….

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