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People are divided over the Baltimore riots – what do you think? Answer the poll below and let us know in the comment section below!

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(Photo: AP)

4 thoughts on “What Do You Think of the Baltimore Riots? [POLL]

  1. William Morriel on said:

    Yes she was right to punish her son on live tv ,cause the mischief he was involved in was on live tv. It wasn’t like she was trying to get publics approval for punishing her son live TV,I don’t believe she knew it was being filmed from her actions and the tone of her voice while talking to him an disciplining unaware of the cameras!

  2. CVS said Hey we got nothing to do with that child’s death! I wish somebody would ask those kids why are they looting stores & people who had nothing to do with Freddie’s death. They’re taking out their frustration on the WRONG People.!..Really! It’s EASY to burn down CVS it’s SCARY to burn down the police dept…kids are unequipped. Lol Now if you’re going to be tough let me see you get revenge on the people WHO done it. Where’s Sherlock Holmes when you need him? Black people you have failed criminal justice 101. you’ve got the Wrong guy CVS didn’t do it. God have mercy I am funny!

  3. That Police Department needs to be fired. The looters need to be prosecuted to the fullest! WTH or gives 1 the authority to take from others? I just do not understand what makes people think they can just take from someone.

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