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Chicago native Cory Hardrict stars in the Queen Latifah executive produced film Brotherly Love alongside Keke Palmer, Macy GrayEric D. Hill Jr. and newcomer Quincy Brown.

The  movie provides an instant dose of nostalgia to the 90’s classics Menace To Society and Poetic Justice detailing the very complicated love story that promises to grip your heart and put faith back into your family. Hardrict’s acting in the film is so stirring and believable that it’s hard to believe that he auditioned for the role only knowing the premise of the script.

He talked to Black America Web about his first acting job, keeping his marriage tight, protecting his son from the world and much more!

His first acting job:

“It was extra work on Oprah Winfrey’s movie. I had to walk on some train tracks. I spent half the time in a brown shirt and the other half in a yellow shirt.”

How Will Smith influenced the cast:

“It’s set in West Philadelphia, we shot it on the backdrop of Overbrook High School, you know Will Smith went there, Wilt Chamberlin. We actually shot at the school as well. Our production company’s home was Will Smith’s childhood home. We had a table read at his house. We had a table read and he actually called in to give us words of wisdom,” he says.

On the chemistry between Keke Palmer and Eric Hill:

“It was awesome. We would go to the movies, go get food. We definitely all bonded so the chemistry was there. Keke is a triple threat so her energy is very electric. Eric is an up and comer but he’s also willing to learn. He takes direction and he wants to really do well.”

On critics calling him the next Denzel:

“People have been saying that. They also say that my character reminds them of Tupac in Juice. Those are two great names I wouldn’t mind being associated with.”

How he’ll protects his son Cree from the social injustices in the world:

“I’ll protect my son by being a father and being in his life. A lot of kids in our community don’t have both parents so I just want to see more fathers be there. Time is more valuable than money.

Top 3 favorite artists from Chicago:

“Kanye West, Twista and R. Kelly.”

Keeping his marriage tight with wife superstar wife Tia Mowry-Hardrict:

“I just tell my wife I love her everyday. I tell her when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night. We’re real simple.”

His picks for the 2015 NBA Championship:

“I’m a LeBron James fan. I’m going with Cleveland and Golden State in seven games.”

Brotherly Love is in theaters everywhere April 24.

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