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She tried to kick off both shoes during her quickstep, but in the end, it was Patti Labelle herself that was kicked off of “Dancing With the Stars” Monday, having received the lowest number of votes to end her crowd-pleasing run.

The theme was Spring Break, and when she wasn’t backstage grilling hot dogs Miss Patti was on the floor in a beach-themed quickstep, highlighted by the trademark move of kicking off her shoes – only one of them wouldn’t leave her foot. She had to perform the rest of the dance with one shoe still on.

“Girl I don’t know what happened,” she told co-host Erin Andrews backstage.

After it was announced that she was going home, the 70-year-old diva said she was “honored to be here as long as I’ve been. I’ve learned so much about me. I learned I can take direction. I learned a few steps, and I made a great friend in Artem.” She thanked fans and judges. “I’m happy.”

And she even managed to squeeze in a plug for her barbecue marinades and hot sauces.

Watch Patti’s performance and elimination above.

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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)