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Creflo Dollar says that his asking for his followers to help him purchase a $65 million dollar plane is part of the ‘Devil trying to discredit him.” In a sermon posted to the Dove channel on YouTube on Tuesday, Dollar says he never directly asked his congregation for money to buy the plane because he has more than enough supporters that would help him do it. And that if his critics knew what his ministry does, they wouldn’t question his desire to be able to travel the world comfortably to do it.

Dollar already has four private planes, according to a Senate committee investigation that looked into the tax-exempt status of his church and five others. One of the plane, an aging Gulfstream was put of out service after two near-mishaps in the air, according to

Dollar’s publicist says that he wanted another, larger plane to assist with carrying larger cargos of food for overseas missions.

“The plane is not so Creflo Dollar can get on by himself and fly,” according to Juda Engelmayer of 5W Public Relations in New York, who represent Dollar.

In fact, according to, the Gulfstream G650, the preferred transport of the very rich, is not suited for large amount of cargo. His publicist declined to elaborate specifically on his earlier comments, but said that Dollar continues to have an active global ministry and that the plane fundraising effort has been dropped.

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143 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar: ‘The Devil Tried To Discredit Me’ [WATCH]

  1. dottie on said:

    well, if Cashflow want a plane, he can always use that cute little putt putt plane that that mailman used to send letters to congress last week. he’s on lockdown so, the plane is not in use. IJS lol!

  2. Trevor on said:

    It is a free country. If idiots want to give money to this charlatan, they are free to do so. I simply do not understand though, why Creflo doesn’t practice what he preaches and go tithe and ask God for it and let God give it to him. I do not understand why he doesn’t walk to a plane making company lay hands on the plane and claim it.

    Why when preachers want something they ask the congregation, yet when the congregation wants something, the preachers tell them to ask God?

  3. He said that half the people commenting online don’t even know him. Well what about the half who do? And think he’s a money hungry scumbag that’s going straight to hell?

  4. Kortardra Blount on said:

    Commerical flights will still get you where you need to go, why is blaming the devil, and you better believe it GOD didn’t lead that Creflo to ask for a $65 million dollar just. He’s using the word of God for personal gain not for the saving people’s soul

  5. Creflo Dollar 21st, late Rev. Ike living large on his blind faith member. Dollar Bill ask your members for a yacht 100,000.000, I’m sure they will cut a check for that to. I see you’re a little warm with what’s beginning said
    the truth hurt. Don’t worry Dollar Bill 65 million
    dollar plane is on its way 2016!

  6. CHARLI EARL on said:

    that is the dumbest that I have heard this year . You can send a lot of black kids to a 4 year school for that kind of money and it will last a lot longer then a plane to transport you and you cronies around the country .RIGHT NOW THE WORLD IS A DANGEREST PLACE TO TRAVEL SO WHERE THE HELL CON YOU GO ??? IN A 65,000,000.00 PLANE HUH ?

  7. Yeah I agree with the comment that the devil is probably minding his own business and creflo dollar blaming him. Creflo’s members are blind faith members. Believe me you he’s going to
    get 65 millon dollars plane. Hell Creflo why not ask for a fleet, I’m sure your members will get it. Creflo that comment that you made bout people don’t know what yall are about yeah right your members are idiots.

  8. straightnochaser on said:

    Why is it that when ‘religious’ people get caught doing something stupid they blame the devil? The devil is probably sitting someplace minding his own business and saying to himself, ‘this fool is going to try and pin this stupid act on me!’ You can’t blame the devil for everything!

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