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Despite a sassy tough girl image as one that shades anyone she doesn’t like on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” things were a bit different for Porsha Williams back in the day.

Reflecting on her childhood, the reality TV star confessed to being bullied by those she went to school with in Atlanta. Despite her present day good looks, Williams recently told Upscale magazine that back then, “My outside beauty wasn’t always so pretty, though.”

“I went to school in DeKalb County, (Chapel Hill Elementary and Junior High) [and] was bullied all through elementary and junior high for being super skinny with big teeth, and, believe it or not, other black girls would tease me and pull my hair because it was long,” she told the

publication via Reality Tea.

Although the bullying was hard to take, Williams credits her family for being her foundation during that time while speaking of an important lesson she learned from her mother.

“I grew up living a good life,” Williams said. “I was raised by my mom and spent weekends with my dad because they were separated. My mom has always been my biggest inspiration. She taught me that beauty comes from the inside out; but I also know that the outside does matter.”Williams’ mother wasn’t the only one handing out wisdom. According to the reality TV star, her grandfather, civil rights leader, Hosea Williams was also an inspiration in light of him exposing her to important causes.

“With all the menial stuff that we argue about and give attention to, there are so many things going on in the world today that need our attention desperately,” Williams shared. “We’re celebrating a historic march (the fiftieth anniversary of “Selma“), but we’re also marching for present-day injustices and prejudices.”

“I remember being 6 or 7 years old and marching on the front line with my grandfather,” she continued. “We were pelted not only by rocks and bottles, but also with fervent use of [the n- word]. I’ve stood for something, so no matter what people think, I won’t fall for just anything.”With all the important lessons taught and experiences shared, you would think viewers would get a better picture of Williams when they watch her on “RHOA,” right?

“My looks have warranted a general consensus that I’m ditzy or an airhead, thanks to the show. It’s meant for entertainment, so I get it. But off camera, behind the doors of my office, it’s a different story.”

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