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Well look who’s back with all the drama.

If you’re a “Love & Hip Hop: ATL” fan, you’ll be thrilled to know the program is set to return on April for its 4th season.

And guess what, this season will pick up where the last one ended…drama. Duh.

And for a taste of what’s headed your way, check out the preview below featuring Nikko who’s stirring up trouble for Mimi Faust.

Predictably she turns to Stevie J for support, who tells her, “I’m not gonna let this N***a eat off you no more.”

And Nikko’s reaction is inform Stebbie, er, Stevie that he owns Mimi. Uh oh. It’s gon’ be on and poppin!

Meet the Cast: Love & Hip Hop ATL
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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)

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