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Romeo Miller received a lot of criticism earlier this year when he revealed he’s dating a white girl named Toneata Morgan, a college student and beauty queen.


He stopped by “The Meredith Vieira Show” to discuss the nasty comments and hate mail he received for dating her and how he’s dated women of all shades.

“It’s crazy to think that in 2015, when I start posting pictures of me and my girl–obviously I’m black, she’s white. I didn’t think that would be a problem,” he said.

“A lot of hate mail and hate comments was on there. They’re like, ‘Why are you with this girl?’ ‘She’s only with you because of this,’” he added.

“It’s sad because honestly if anybody knows me, all the girls I’ve dated, I’ve dated girls who’ve been as black as Akon and white as Casper. It don’t matter,” he continued. “It’s all about the heart. In this time and place, she’s the one who captured my heart. She could be blue, green or yellow and it would have been her.”

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(Photo Source: Romeo Instagram/Video Source: YouTube)

39 thoughts on “WATCH: Romeo Miller Opens Up About Hate Mail Due to White Girlfriend

  1. I not going to get into shades or complexions as long as she black in race, why give the millions to a white women . What is your mother thinking about.

  2. It’s time black women stop paying attention to the coonery of black men publically professing their love for anything not black and then whining about negative comments..these fools make their money off of black women…stop giving them your money…date, mate marry who you want, but black women should not feel any obligation to continue to financially support them. Let the race of women they are giving their money to support closed. Stop making folks that don’t want you, and tell you they don’t want you, make their money elsewhere..

    • Coonery? White people, black people. Some are going to be in heaven.Some in both races are going to be in hell. Either now or eternal, you are going to have to live with both. So just get over it already!

  3. Most of the people you labels as “Black” are in fact more White than Black . We live in 2015 and we can’t understand the difference between 1/16 Black to 100% Black? Boy oh Boy Why all this concern about the right to date White or Black ????? We obviously still live in the stone ages. Obama is not Black .. he is Bi-Racial Get Over It

  4. americanize. on said:

    Personally I don,t date white women,I,m addicted to the brown sugar.An don,t give a sh*t if other bro,s like white girls.

  5. Sometimes its love
    Sometimes they think they are on the come up
    Sometimes they think the person makes THEM look better

    But what’s in for the girl in this case? Must be love or something like it. Good luck to them!

  6. Tony Ross on said:

    Smh you would never see a white person,once they made it,dating a black person,no way,black people should stop supporting these black people like Romeo,Romeo was on this dating show,it was 10 girls,maybe 4 were blk girls,Remeo picked a white girl to date,his heart is with white girls,he needs to keep it 100

  7. Deb and the others, you are really sad and insecure black people. A black man can date anyone he chooses. Do white men get judged for dating outside of their race? The answer is no. Why should it be any different than the original man that walked this earth. If a black woman treats me like sh.. while I’m broke, what makes you think she is keeping it 100% when I’m paid in full. F what you heard, I’m going to date a woman that treats me with respect and holds it down for me. If she is white, so be it! Haters. Run off and continue to support homos and dykes and complain about something else! FOH!

    • It not him it his money and now it her no hater no one care who you marrying you poor and black peopl are not insecure it the facts of life troll .

  8. October on said:

    Yes, this is America date and marry who you want to but don’t degrade BW because of your decision to date or marry these women. For the record Mac Ben all women who watch Scandal are not hoe’s.

  9. Last time I checked this is America. People have the right to marry, or date whoever they want. I see you don’t complain about homosexuals & lesbians!!!!!!!

  10. I told my son every time he ask for Nikes or Jordan’s ” MJ does not like U and despises himself and those that look like him. Now Y do U want to support him? His dedication and support is to the Oppressor! At the end of the day when U support him U are supporting the Oppressor whose ultimate goal is to keep U down. Finally he I understood and never expressed interest again in Nike period!

  11. He says that he has dated women of all shades, but why am I just now seeing this one? Oh, she’s white! He thinks he has arrived now! I will bet her dad is about to pull his hair out (secretly). #Slaverymentality!

  12. Romeo made an issue out of who he is dating. I do not recall him posting pictures of his Black girlfriends and talking about how great and beautifut they were. Just saying … wonder if she would be dating him if he was just average Black Joe. Don’t think so. As long as you know why your girl is with you and you are willing to pay … then Go For it Romeo. Really do not care who you date or marry.

  13. October on said:

    I agree. Where was she in th ebeginning. We need to be particular who we promote and pay or money to. We, BW, are fine as long as they have money or fame. The minute they are know, we, BW, are no longer needed.

  14. I said it. on said:

    “I am not a slave,” declared Jack Johnson, the first black world heavyweight-boxing champion. Under national scrutiny for his seeming propensity for marrying white women, Johnson claimed, “I have the right to choose who my mate shall be without the dictation of any man. I have eyes and I have a heart, and when they fail to tell me who I shall have for mine, I want to be put away in a lunatic asylum.” ((Pascoe, Peggy. What Comes Naturally: Miscegenation Law and the Making of Race in America. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009, 175))

  15. Michele on said:

    With Black men being gunned down daily do I really give a rats behind about who Romeo dates???!!!! Get a Life!!!

  16. I don’t care who he dates .
    He has the right to do has he pleases .
    But he didn’t put black women on line.
    now he’s flaunting this girl so young black
    Women and men . Can you not see young black
    Kids might be impressionable so black woman
    Might feel they can’t get the good men .or same for black men or if you get successful get a white person

  17. specialt757 on said:

    Definitely no shortage of hate in this world. I know one thing is for certain, it never crossed my mind once who this guy dates or dated, too many other things to think about.

  18. Phyllis on said:

    I’ve never seen or heard of him dating anyone. Never saw any pictures of him with anyone. Not surprised though. What ever makes you happy.

  19. You all know that all of your “hater” comments com from your own self-hate, jealousy, insecurity, and frustrations. Why else would you care “so much” about who celebrities date…be they Black, White or Green?????? You hater males and females need to be putting all that hater effort into your OWN lives and being the best male or female you can be. Your rage is not only interesting but very very telling. think about it. why are you REALLY so very angry???????

    • That’s such an over used word, “haters” Personally, I could give a flying you know what about who this guy dates. I would never date a white woman myself. These guys seem to be dating them as sort of a fad or something. You don’t have to have self hate idiot to not agree with this. Also, if you weren’t ignorant and understood the historical relevancy of this heightened level of interracial dating, you would understand that its quite possibly the opposite, the guys dating white girls seem to hate themselves and their people. Having been married to an awesome black woman for nearly 30 years, I could never marry a white woman. Plus, I agree with the posters, this woman wouldn’t give Homeo the time of day if he wasn’t wealthy or had wealthy roots.

      • DaVinee on said:

        You nailed it! Reverse hate is it. Most black people support these black actors/singers, then they get rich & support the other.

  20. mark on said:

    Those TYPE of relationships do not last! They get those white women and before you know it their ass is kicked out the back door! They get them, but can’t keep them!

  21. Mac Ben on said:

    If this is true, then it all came from black women. Meanwhile, them hoes watching Scandal and love it when Kerry Washington’s character is getting it from her white daddy. smh

    • specialt757 on said:

      Okay let me start off by saying I’m no ho, but I watch Scandal. I’m really glad Ms. Rhimes has started to show less and less of Olivia’s character jumping in and out of the arms of these white jokers along with those gay lovemaking scene (disgusting!). I was definitely on the verge of watching “Blacklist” in it’s place. But then they bought that fine ass Avatar brother (Lance Alonso) on the scene, HELLO I’m back! lol

  22. Not sure if most people really care who he is dating. However, I hope it is for the right reason as he said and not because of her skin.

  23. He’s a lying typical Dumb Negro (Leroy)! He got $ now he can afford to have a WG, that wod not have given him the time of day if he didn’t have $. If he he dated BW, Y didn’t he post pictures of her? He didn’t give a dam about Her. He dated/used her until he was elevated to a certain status. I do not understand Y BP support people like this idiot.

    • DaVinee on said:

      I don’t understand it either. It’s not hate, it’s about who helped support you to get you there & after the love is gone, who will still be there to build you back up. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

      • Yes, and that is what’s so sad. These rappers and athletes; who help them with and do their homework in college? A sister! Kevin Hart, while he was struggling to survive he had a BW. Now he successful, he got a light bright, half white or other.

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