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Fantasia has been going through some hard times lately. Her beloved grandmother, Addie Collins, who fans may remember from American Idol or via Fantasia’s reality show, died recently and Fantasia has been grieving over social media.

But it seems that’s not the only thing heavy on Fantasia’s heart. Her reported marriage to businessman Kendall Taylor may be over. A quick thinking blogger grabbed a screen shot of an Instagram post that showed Fantasia’s rings off with a caption that said ‘he was the best man i’ve ever known.’  Here’s a picture of the couple in happier times.


And here’s the post that seems to reference their relationship woes:


Fantasia has since deleted the post and has said nothing further about it, although she references needing some guidance and wisdom in the posts dedicated to her grandmother.

We hope Fantasia works things out with her man. We all go through relationship issues so we can relate, and many of us have known the loss of a beloved grandmother.

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8 thoughts on “Is Fantasia’s Marriage Over? [PHOTOS]

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