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People have a way of saying and doing things that get under our skin.  If we are not careful, we will get consumed with trying to figure them out, responding to their antics or worse, lose focus on the matters that are actually positive and that we actually can control.

These energy suckers can come into your space like a whirlwind, wreck shop, and then be gone within a moment’s notice. You, on the other hand, may be fuming about what they did and how they made you feel for days, months and even years.  That’s a lot of power to give someone over your life, one who may not be the least bit interested or aware of your well-being, wouldn’t you say?

Have you ever experienced someone with negative or overwhelming energy?  The moment they walk into the room, the entire atmosphere changes.  It’s thick and you can feel it.  Moments before, you could have been laughing, been in a good mood and then boom! Their presence shifts the entire atmosphere.

Energy is a precious commodity, so we need to guard it and not waste it on people, places and things that will drain us. In economics, a commodity is a marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs. It is a class of goods for which there is a demand.  Energy is transformed, transferred, bought and sold.  There indeed is a need and high demand for energy.

So while you may not be able to control the energy suckers and what they do; you certainly can control who you are and how you allow others to influence your world and impact your energy.  Be careful to not waste your fuel. You need everything you have to create the future that you want. Stop spending your energy on things you can’t control.  This includes people and relationships.

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