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Last weekend, a college baseball player called Little League star Mo’ne Davis out of her name (a “slut”) on Twitter.

And it was via Twitter that Joey Casselberry was summarily dismissed from his Bloomsburg University baseball team. And days later, in what is being hailed as a mature and “classy” move, Davis said in a televised interview that she forgives Casselberry and even asked the school reinstate him on the team (which they declined to do—the college said they were standing by their decision).

Yet there are some out there that say not so fast Mo’ne—did this guy really need your public forgiveness? Writer Denene Millner in a blog post entitled, “Mo’ne Davis Forgives Her Twitter Troll. Sweet, But That Wouldn’t Be My Daughter,” the writer says she would have told daughter to cease and desist on that forgiveness bit.

Milner writes:

I mean, maybe Mo’Ne and the people surrounding her are just bigger than me, but, um, ain’t no way my girlpies would be on national TV pressing holy water on the forehead of a devil who thought nothing of ripping [the offensive tweet] off on Twitter…

Millner says that maybe the focus should have been on the perpetrator instead of the teenager: 

Social media has made it quite easy for the most disgusting amongst us to easily and loudly proclaim they absolutely abhor human life if it comes wrapped in skin that isn’t white like theirs or it has a vagina attached to it. And media jabberjaws make matters worse by focusing on calling Mo’Ne “classy” and “grown up” for forgiving her attacker, instead of training commentary on the ass who called a little girl a slut.

Yeah, yeah, I was sitting in the front row during the Sunday School lessons about forgiveness and “He who is without sin cast the first stone,” and my father was—and still is—very big on giving people second chances and not holding grudges and blah, blah, blah. We’re programmed to forgive and turn the other cheek. But I’ve never been one for steadying my face for a second slap. Truly, I checked all up and through my brain and my heart and deep down in my insides and I couldn’t find not even a morsel of damns I could give for a man who would dare fix his mouth to call my daughters sluts.

Not in this day and age, when girls are being raped on college campuses with no recourse, and little girls are being drugged and raped at parties and having their attacks posted on social media for kicks. Not when reproductive rights are under assault. Not when 12-year-old Black boys likeTamir Rice are being bucked down in the street by cops for playing with toy guns, or teens like Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin are killed for playing their music loud or walking down the street in a hoodie. Not when young Black women like Renisha McBride are being murdered on front stoops, simply for asking for help and babies like Aiyana Jones are being bucked down while sleeping under Disney blankets on their grandmama’s couch.

Sound off – in this day where it seems like it’s open season on black children, are we too easy to forgive those who verbally assault our children or should we always employ the mandate to forgive?

Read more of Denene Millner’s piece here.

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13 thoughts on “Was Mo’Ne Davis Too Quick To Forgive? Are We?

  1. To answer your question HELLLLLL YES! THIS is one of our problems! We are always ready to BEND OVER BACKWARDS to these people. AND THAT to a people that are as vengeful as they come ESPECIALLY when it comes to us. YES GOD forgives, we should too and move on. The UGLY are once again raising their ugly heads with their actions and now with the NEW LOW-attacking our children-what’s next. Like Wendy Williams says-who you married too-LOL

  2. demp109 on said:

    We should use our talk and radio shows and whatever to promote, lift up and encourage children like Mo’Ne. There will always be haters. They have to know we are community that will encourage and lift them up. She is so beautiful, inside and out, that will not be discounted.

  3. Well, Mo’ne is preaching forgiveness and the frat boy siging on the bus and using. “N” word was surrounded by black folks at his press conference last week apologizing while the black folks forgave and had their hands on his shoulders shaking their heads in affirmation of his this forgiveness or money making folks forgive? Even Kanye has become forgiving….lol!

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…who are They, to be as good as?” I know that’s right! As a matter of fact I think I’m better than any white person I’ve met or even heard of. I think a whole hellava lot about myself and I won’t let any of those haters make me feel less than them. Forgiving but never forgetting, one, who I am and two, who they are. Forgiving in one thing forgetting is another.

  4. Debbie on said:

    Exactly!!!! There is no way in hell my daughter would have said anything forgiving about that bastard. I swear, I don’t know what is wrong with us sometimes. If the shoe was on the other foot, no one would be forgiving her.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    What if God didn’t forgive us for our many mistakes and indiscretions? God has forgiven us over and over again even when we don’t deserve it. Many of us don’t even give God thanks every morning when we live to see another day.
    We live in America, we know all about racists and racism, that doesn’t mean we have to one, accept it or two, turn a blind eye to it, but we should be willing to forgive. Forgiving just opens up more doors for us to be successful in our own lives. Moving on and being successful is the best revenge.
    That is no way means not standing up for what you believe in, just make sure what you’re standing for it worth it.

  6. pac4me on said:

    What lessons are we teaching this brave young lady by saying she shouldn’t have forgiven so quickly. That’s a problem that we seem to have, holding onto something and letting it rule our future behavior. She forgave him and that should be the end of it. The University exacted their form of punishment, so he didn’t get away scot free – will this promote a change in his heart – who can say

  7. Timekeeeper on said:

    Forget about “ girls gone wild” Now we have Mothers gone wild” Desiring to teach their children to hold on to the hate longer.
    Not a good policy. Thank you Mone Davis for being bigger than the so called mothers who have responded negatively to your show of forgiveness.
    Mone, as you grow older you will find people who claim to be in your corner are not. Unless you agree with them. Some fans, huh?
    You have shown yourself to be as big off the field, as you were on the field last summer. No, this fool didn’t deserve your forgiveness.
    We all know that. He didn’t deserve your sympathy, we know that too.
    But you have way bigger accomplishments to make, and bigger fish to fry that wasting your time hating that jerk.
    Not my daughter”! Wow, what kind of a signal does that send? Talk about hardening your heart.
    I am certain that some who express these kinds of sentiments will be in church on Sunday morning, shouting how saved they are.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “Wow, what kind of a signal does that send?” Wow is right TK. This racist clown got what he deserves. We all should take a lesson from Ms. Mone’s playbook. Forgive people who have done wrong to us, that’s what God wants us to do. Hanging on to hate only eats at us while the person we “hate” is gone on with their lives and don’t even know “we” hate them. I’m glad she has good people in her life directing her path in the right direction. I just wish Chris Brown (who I once had high hopes for) had those kinds of people in his camp.

      • Timekeeeper on said:

        I agree with you on Chris Brown. I love the brother’s talent, but man did he get some bad advice ( Or, maybe he didn’t et any at all?)

  8. I agree. While God forgives, he also punishes evildoers. These racist perpetrators need to be held accountable for their “verbal” and “physical” actions towards black people. How much more do white America expect black people to take?

  9. Erica on said:

    I just hate that we even acknowledge these fools that make these ridiculous comments. Why do we even entertain anything they say? Stop giving them a platform stop giving them your time, stop allowing them to draw your attention away from more important issues. And no that wouldnt have been my daughter either!

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