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Everyone is familiar with the disaster that was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus speech to Congress earlier this month—which, coordinated with the Republican leadership and executed behind President Barack Obama’s back, strained relations between the United States and Israel.

As reported in the latest issue of Newsweek in the article “Black Power In Washington,” members of the Congressional Black Caucus took particular affront to Netanyahu’s address, in part because some in the caucus made up of Black lawmakers believed its unprecedented audacity was particularly disrespectful to America’s first Black president. In fact, 57 Democrats—including most Black lawmakers—stayed away from the Israeli leader’s March 3 speech in protest.

James Clyburn, a long-standing member of the CBC, and Democratic Congressman from South Carolina, said that there was an “unmistakable racial overtone to Netanyahu’s offense.” Newsweek reports:

…[F]or black Democrats like Clyburn, it was Netanyahu’s coded election-day warning that Israel’s Arab citizens were headed to the polls “in droves” to vote him out of office that pushed them from anger to outrage. Netanyahu later apologized for his remark, but his contrition appeared to have no effect on Clyburn and company. “The Congressional Black Caucus is gone,” a Democratic congressional aide told Newsweek, referring to its support for Israel under Netanyahu.

But more than being offended, the CBC actually may have the power in numbers to block Netanyahu’s objective, which was to dismantle President Obama’s negotiations with Iran, which Israel feels is dangerously close to developing nuclear capability.

Assuming all of the House’s 247 Republicans vote to override an Obama veto, they would still need at least 40 Democrats to join them. The Congressional Black Caucus, most of whom don’t rely on pro-Israel campaign donations, has 46 members, the vast majority of whom would fiercely defend Obama’s signature foreign policy effort. Joining them: at least two dozen white progressive Democrats who also would rally to prevent a veto override.

It looks like some overstepped bounds cannot be backtracked so easily.

Says Newsweek: “There was a time before Netanyahu’s speech when many members of the Congressional Black Caucus, steeped in Old Testament messages from Negro spirituals, saw their own reflection in Israel’s struggle. But after Netanyahu’s broadsides against Obama’s diplomacy and his remarks about Israeli Arabs, those days appear to be over. As one Democratic aide put it: “It’s going to be very difficult to bring them back.”

Read more of “Black Power In Washington” here.

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104 thoughts on “The Congressional Black Caucus Could Derail Benjamin Netanyahu’s Plans

  1. It’s easy for Bibi to talk about the necessity and inevitability of war as long as it’s our kids who will be doing the fighting and not his. But that’s what the Goyim are for after all!

  2. I was wondering what the CBC thought of Net’s action coming over here. The CBC is RIGHT! Listen – Net ‘used to live’ in Pittsburgh so I new he would not be giving President O much respect. And yes a HANDFUL of Jews assisted in the 60’s. But make no mistake the FBI,NSA and other three letter agencies were in those marches too-and you know why! See people come on here too our community and talk sit! I KNOW first hand what Jews think about us in this country. Try to do business with them-not buy from them but try to do business with them and you’ll see for yourself!

  3. Vince Delancy on said:

    You write: “In fact, 57 Democrats—including most Black lawmakers—stayed away from the Israeli leader’s March 3 speech in protest.”

    So let’s run the real numbers.

    Based on 435 voting and 6 nonvoting representatives, there are 441 members in the House of Representatives. Add 100 senators to that. The total count is 541. Your 57 boycotters divided by 541 total members of Congress = 10.53 percent of Congress…NOT exactly a huge number for Obama.

    Fact: Netanyahu did all of America a favor by bringing these so-called “negotiations: out from behind a curtain reminiscent of “The Wizard of Oz.”

    Fact: Obama’s foreign policy has been marked by one failure after another, to wit: Cuba: Cuba demanded that the U.S. give back Guantanamo AND reimburse it for damages suffered due to the boycott. The U.S. said that both issues are nonstarters. So what did Obama get out of the Cuba business? He got a few sound bites. Iraq: Obama “somehow” couldn’t negotiate a status of forces agreement to keep the troops in Iraq that would have prevented the vacuum that ISIS exploited so skillfully. Not long ago, ISIS fighters made a probing attack against 300 Marines training Iraqis. Read what Obama was asking for from Congress, in terms of war powers, i.e., more troops back in. Big whoops there. Iran: Failure to support the Green Revolution, certainly not with arms or the 82nd Airborne, but at least with words. Syria: Obama drew his red line, then did nothing while Putin hauled him out of the imbroglio. Libya: A witch’s brew of sectarian violence, culminating in an attack on our diplomats that Obama and Company long maintained was a spontaneous protest growing out of an Internet video. Yemen: It wasn’t long ago that Obama touted Yemen as a success in the counterterrorism theater.

    Ms. Helm, you have absolutely NO grasp of the situation you’ve written about. Your article is a complete waste of space and bandwidth. The only thing you’ve highlighted is your appalling ignorance.

  4. I am sorry but referring to the PM’s speech as a disaster only shows the bias of the writer. Obama goes in front of the American people and lies (You can keep your healthcare plan), releases terrorists for a deserter , and circumvents the constitution at every turn. In my mind that is the real disaster. Oh no, I criticized the President I must be a racist.

    • You are a racist…Don’t you know that you cannot ever say anything about a Negro under any circumstances. If you say that he is fat, you are a racist. If you say that she is tall, then you are a racist. I never met a group of people that were so isolated in their thinking. Say anything and their sensitive ears perk up and you will be called a racist. What a waste of a good human being.

      • John Paval on said:

        I think it is shameful for any american to support the way Netanyahu and the House Republicans have disrespected the presidency, regardless of who is in that office. The guy actually brought back secret information from the Iran negotiations which the Israelis got by SPYING on the U.S. and shared that info with House Republicans. Geez, doing that was probably a crime under U.S. law. There are all kinds of people in jail in the U.S. for revealing confidential information without authorization. You guys are sick if you think that any foreign leader who does that is your FRIEND. Anyone who comes into your house like that and disrespects it, should be thrown out on his ass.

  5. It is sad to think that after so much “Jewish” money was given to the Negro, they still hate the Jews. The freedom marchers were aided by Jewish men and woman, plus civil rights movement was assisted by Jewish attorney’s and other professionals. How do these Negros of today act…they hate the Jews with a passion. PM Netanyahu did not go behind this imposter’s back as the White House was informed way before Netanyahu spoke. Quite frankly, I am disgusted with the way the current Negro leadership treats the average Negro on the street. Talk about segregation and apartheid. It is 100% in the Negro community.

  6. norman ravitch on said:

    Blacks don’t like Jews and Jews don’t like blacks (although they admit this only among themselves). No two dissimilar peoples could be found. Jews have big Super Egos which enables them to postpone immediate satisfaction for future benefit; that is why they do not have children out of wedlock; do not drop out of school; do not take drugs to the extent it ruins them for good. Blacks have no Super Egos; they want and get immediate satisfaction. They have too many bastards; take too many drugs; break the law; and get into jail. Under slavery blacks had overseers who with the whip kept them in line; the end of slavery was a disaster for blacks. They were better off on the plantations than in today’s urban ghettos. On the plantations they lived; in ghettos they die. Why don’t they have Super Egos? Perhaps God was tired when he created them.

  7. DenzelFan on said:

    Don’t fall for this article African American’s. This writer is really reaching!!! Netanyahu is NOT prejudice! I wish with all my heart that black people would stop supporting Obama JUST BECAUSE he’s black. We should hold him to the same amount of accountability as we did George “dubya.” Netanyahu did NOT “trip” on Obama. He did not offend our first African American president. And please remember something for me, God is no respecter of persons. In God’s eyes, if someone is wrong, then they’re just wrong. Please remember this in politics as well.

    A black lady

  8. It is not only black Americans who have woken up to the fact that Netanyahu and his government have always been racists in sheep’s clothing, the same applies to Hispanics. Make no mistake about it, Israel is an apartheid state that is Hades bent on ethnically cleansing itself of all non white non Jewish people. In fact, just last year Israel came up with the concept of “the true genetic Jew”. So, even those non genetic Jews will be eliminated.

  9. It was Jesse Jackson who said Israel would no longer be put first when Obama was elected. Obama and his anti-Semitic friends have been looking for a way to dump Israel since he was elected. Let’s not forget it was Jewish money from many in Hollywood who helped put Obama in the White House. Without Jewish money, the Democratic party would not exist.

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