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Are you spending time each day doing things that are not supporting your ultimate goals? Are you working a job that is not in line with your purpose or involved in a romantic relationship that does not meet your vision of the dream love life? Well, it’s time to stop wasting time with those things and step into partnerships and circumstances that will support you in achieving the desires of your heart!

What are you trying to get motivated about? Let us know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Midweek Motivation: ‘Stop Wasting Time’ [VIDEO]

  1. I am motivated and nervous at the same time–excited really. I am looking into TEFL training which is teaching English as a Foreign Language. It seems impossible; but even without a 4-year degree, I have much experience teaching. Now, I just need the training, then pick a place, get the visa, get there teach, let my husband visit (don’t wanna leave him here) and get back for our son’s May 2016 graduation from Md. That’s all!

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