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NeNe Leakes tried to call out Kandi Burruss for being envious of her success and a bad friend to Phaedra Parks.

That sit down with Dr. Jeff Gardere on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” didn’t do much for NeNe, who made a hasty retreat from the group therapy session when she was being held accountable for her actions.

Things really went left when Kandi brought up her issues with NeNe, causing the “RHOA” queen bee to storm out while whining that everyone was picking on her. Despite the fact that she cut out of the cast’s heart-to-heart early, NeNe still delivered her reaction to Kandi online.

Side-stepping a perfectly good opportunity to address Kandi’s issues with her directly, NeNe opted to be petty and accused the cast business mogul of being jealous.

“Kandi, I always knew you didn’t like me but you truly showed me how hateful and jealous you are! You don’t have a real reason to be mad,” NeNe wrote in a blog on her website before bringing up her strained relationship with Phaedra Parks. “You should be mad that you were MIA on your friend but you chose to throw salt on me because I was just a shoulder for Phaedra.”

NeNe really believed that the shade was completely uncalled for and she made it a point to state that she’s actually been pretty nice to Kandi this season. They’ve certainly come a long way since Kandi’s initial season on “RHOA.”

“There’s no where in this season where you see me saying negative things about you! You said all those things about me because you fell as a friend,” NeNe stated as she suggested another therapy session for Kandi. “If I were you, I would call Dr. Jeff for help #girlbye.”

It’s not likely that Kandi will take that advice, but the NeNe might want to remember that no problem can be fixed until it’s acknowledged. Everyone on the cast could use a little tweaking. Everyone.


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28 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Blasts Kandi Burruss For Being Jealous Of Her

  1. carmen on said:

    She goes into a hypnosis trans, one minute she tries to act normal, the next minute she snaps into this crazy person. You can say something to NeNe and just watch something trigger her into this crazy person, NeNe does act like she’s type 1 bipolar =paranoid schizophrenic, she has a mental illness, that’s really why she has counseling sessions with Dr. Jeff, he’s a licensed professional psychiatrist.

  2. carmen on said:

    NeNe words to Dr. Jeff “I don’t know you”, his expression was like WT this chick just turned schizophrenic on me on not only in front of her fellow cast mates but also on camera before millions of views. That was wild seeing her personality switch like she was under hypnosis, I couldn’t stop laughing, she’s done that many times before. She’s crazy for real

  3. carmen on said:

    She turned on Dr. Jeff quicker than a lightning strike. Claudia was right, she knows bi-polar behavior when she sees it NeNe acts very bi-polar.

  4. carmen on said:

    Say what? LOL “If folks would really pay attention to the show, they will see that NeNe is the only one real. NeNe saying she is RICH is no different than people who profess their intelligence, their size, their beauty or whatever else they feel that is their accomplishment”.

    If you had been watching the show since the very first season episode you see NeNe for what she really is like the rest of us folks. Kandi is the one and only one with continuous monies coming in because she won several Best Song Writer Grammy’s NeNe is what she is, controlling, a mean and jealous woman.

  5. carmen on said:

    Don’t forget how she threatened Dr. Jeff to have his counseling license removed because she felt like he turned on her with the others at the so called counseling session. She is super sensitive, evil, and very vendective Her mother really messed her mind up when she abandoned her, she should have been getting counseling since then.

  6. carmen on said:

    “You’re a bad friend” that sounds like something preschoolers say to each other-whaaa I don’t like you anymore you’re not my friend….whaaaa!

  7. carmen on said:

    As long as Greg continue to kiss her butt she will stay married to him. Remember she divorced him because he stopped kissing her butt and she started bad mouthing him, she does that to any and everybody that she feels betrayed her friendship. He started back kissing her butt, they reconciled and remarried. Greg is just her Butler.

  8. carmen on said:

    As long as you kiss her butt you’re her best friend, if you decide to have other friends besides her, she will become jealous and kick you to the curb. Kandi is right, she marks her territory, she’s a bully and a jealous control freak and will turn on you if you stop kissing her butt and letting her control you. Cynthia almost had a nervous breakdown behind it.

  9. Just let NeNe exit stage left and start on her other “jobs”. Yes she made the show but around season 5 she started getting the big head and it has manifested into her being so nasty and so rude. I want her gone, she’s too petty and vindictive. OAN: Kandi is not jealous of NeNe…what is there to be jealous about….Kandi is the real “rich bitch” in this group, let’s not get it twisted. Instead of worrying about Kandi she should be asking Ms Cleo how long will it be before she’s in foreclosure. A six bdrm house for her and Greg and a 1.2 million dollar mtge? Housewives won’t last that long and Hollywood aint’ checking for her either. LOL

  10. carmen on said:

    NeNe is the jealous one she doesn’t like it when people she call her friend become friends with other people. We watched that unfold since the first season episode, it stated with Kim Z, they were supposedly best friends until Kim Z. became friends with other cast members, NeNe would poke her mouth out and start bullying and bad mouthing Kim Z. The same thing happened with others, Cynthia, Marlo, the list goes on and on. She even felt abandoned by Dr. Jeff, she made a nasty comment to him about “being worried about his license”, that was hard hit and harsh words coming from that nasty mouth of hers. The chick has issues. As long as NeNe control people she call them her friend once that person reach out to other people NeNe suddenly dislikes that person because she feels betrayed, abandoned. It’s almost as if since she was abandoned by her mother she has thing about being abandoned by her friends when they gravitate to other people. NeNe has an issue with friendship, maybe she needs to get counseling not canceling from Ayanla Vanzandt.

  11. carmen on said:

    “You said all those things about me because you fell as a friend” She means FAILED as a friend. She cant’ spell, her grammer is terrible, she can’t pronounce/annunciate her words correctly. She calls COUNSELING, CANCELING. When she was talking about having counseling sessions with Dr. Jeff I thought she was saying canceling. She’s so friggin country. Whatever happen to her Italian boyfriend who helped her get the role in Glee and bought her expensive shoes? LOL

  12. Nene is the troublemaker she has issues with Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia. she wants to break Kandi and Phaedra’s riendship also Cynthia and Kenya friendship she is to arrogant for the show since she is so rich, leave the show and when we will see how rich she is now Queen B

  13. keepnitreal on said:

    Cynthia and Kenya y’all are a MESS!!! Claudia stop hanging around the MEAN girls, you will regret it. I don’t care how long you have known Mean Girl Kenya, she does nothing for your reputation. Porsha keep being you, you are just an extra. Like you, but don’t Love you : -(

  14. keepnitreal on said:

    Kandi, you said the same thing about Peter as NeNe did, NeNe just didn’t have a filter. Everybody was saying it. He was out of his lane, and he needed to be called on it. He knew it was true as well, he hasn’t been around much lately now has he. If folks would really pay attention to the show, they will see that NeNe is the only one real. NeNe saying she is RICH is no different than people who profess their intelligence, their size, their beauty or whatever else they feel that is their accomplishment. Phaedra profess how smart she is all the time, now who has a problem with that? Porsha is always talking about her boobs and what about that ignorant Cynthia, does she not always talk about how good she look at her age? Really people, y’all are calling out the wrong one. NeNe is not the problem, she is the solution and if she leaves this show, it will be the best thing she has ever done.

  15. keepnitreal on said:

    Kandi, you are Jealous of NeNe not because NeNe is rich, cause you are probably worth more than everyone of them on that sofa. You are jealous cause you feel that she moved in on your friendship (the same thing you call her out on). You are jealous because, she is stronger than you. We watched you listen to your mom about the 2 houses. I like the fact that you RESPECT your Mom, but when are you going to stand up and walk off to allow your mom to think about the choices she make when she says the things she say out loud. Todd and your daughter see it, so how do not expect them to really Respect you. You don’t have problems with the ladies cause you don’t stand up to them until you get mad. That is no way to be. Look how Cynthia’s sister stepped up to you?

  16. keepnitreal on said:

    NeNe I agree with you. Kandi is JEALOUS, JEALOUS and MORE JEALOUS. Her behind is not Happy. She is jealous of how you were there for Phaedra and she wasn’t. So what if you and Phaedra fall out, that is what Real Sisters do, fall out and then keep it moving. So ALL of these idiots who say mean things to you, that don’t squat about family and friends. Cynthia, Kenya and fake Axx Kandi are so jealous that you are the QUEEN of HWOA. LEAVE THAT SHOW they are trying to continue to push your buttons for the reactions that you continue to show, and Kandi, you are a trip cause NeNe would have never come at you with your FAKE behind.

  17. This is why I’m not into these Reality shows. If anything, NeNe, please give the “blonde hair a Rest!”. It looks like the hair is wearing you, and not you wearing it.

    • keepnitreal on said:

      EBB, why are you talking about the hair? Bye Felicia!!! We can wear what we want, and in the words of Bobby Brown, it is our Prerogative to put on and wear any wig we feel privy too. Who are we hurting?

  18. Mzbrowneyes on said:

    Common denominator in all issues is NeNe. Nene could be fabulous but to brag about your money is ghetto. There are more celebrities with more money than you and they don’t have to brag about their bank accounts. Try being thankful and humble instead of arrogant and self obsorbed and you will no feel like so many are against you.

  19. trying to understand on said:

    Seriously, she claim to be this and that, but took the cowardly road and spoke her piece on a blog.. You a Queen, a coward Queen, bye Felicia

  20. Angel Jesus on said:

    A moose is on the loose! Nene is the one who is jealous. She expects everyone to kiss her ass and suck up to her. She can dish it out (negativity), but she can’t take it. It was her idea to see Dr. Gardere and she was rude to him. “You don’t represent me…you don’t know me like that.” Who would want to know you, Nene?! You’re insecure, immature and downright annoying. Why don’t you leave the show and take those jacked up blonde wigs/weaves with you. I agree with Kandi when she said that selfie was a kiss ass move. That’s her problem…she expects everyone to bow down and cater to her. Grow up moose NeNe!

    • keepnitreal on said:

      Angel, why are you Mad? Why are you calling NeNe a moose? If they want to bow down to her let them bow. I don’t think I heard NeNe ask them for 1 thing, they did it, and she wasn’t even in the room. So why are you blaming her for the choices they made? Be for real! Kandi would have done it too if her knees were raw for bowing down to everyone else. Think about that, and pay attention to the show!!!

  21. Loyce on said:

    I still say that NeNe and Greg’s divorce was a “scam” or “preplanned” with her and Bravo for ratings. I don’t see what any of them do on a daily basis to earn what they are paid! When the show ends, I sure hope they have some money saved for 20 years otherwise they will be selling all that “insignificant stuff” they have accumulated over the years. Ne Ne just like on the Apprentice, ran when things got tough. I don’t think she had people to call for money and she knew it so she just left. Hopefully Greg will go to work because someone will need to start saving those checks versus try to make the public believe she is rich! Rich is a state of mind! I am beginning not to care for her persona! She acts like she is better than the others and she has just been employed longer. I do think that if Bravo came back with the original crew it might have greater viewers and longevity!

  22. Nene has had problems with every woman that has been on that show. She’ll soon turn on Phaedra again like she has in the past. The only person she’s able to get along with currently is Greg, because his lips are super-glued to her behind.

  23. i want them to have there reall bff’s on the show so it would be some story lines of intrest I’ve lost intrest in this group, who marries the camera guy and expect the honeymoon to go on and on and on and on girl bye! its called marriage 28yrs in 🙂 😦 ?????

  24. Linda on said:

    Nene really-who cares about you? Just do you and don’t worry about anyone else and whether they are envious of you or not. What have you really got for anyone to be jealous of???????????????????

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