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Octavia Spencer Signs On To Play God In “The Shack”

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Octavia Spencer is taking on the role of a lifetime as she has been tapped to play God in the film adaptation of “The Shack.”


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The Oscar-winning actress is linking up with Forrest Whitaker to bring the Christian novel to life. As of this weekend, Variety.com reported that she was in final negotiations for the gig, and everything seemed to be in place by Monday as the casting was announced on “Good Morning America.”

The story centers on a man who is continuing to deal with the loss of his daughter, who was kidnapped and killed in a shack four years before “The Shack” picks up. God directs him to go back to the scene of her murder with a note.

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It’s a huge honor to be asked to portray God, and Octavia is ready to take on the challenge. However, she just wants everyone to remember that the director isn’t necessarily making any statement on what God actually looks like.

“Those are huge shoes to fill. Morgan Freeman has done it and he’s been quite effective. I’m just going to try to bring some wisdom to it,” she told USA Today. It’s overwhelming.”

Noting how delicate a role this actually is, Octavia added, “people have to remember it’s a manifestation of God. How (the film subject) sees God. Not necessarily how or who or what God is.”

Before the public gets all up in arms about a Black woman playing God, it would be good for critics to remember that “The Shack” author intentionally wrote God to be a Black woman in the book. There’s no word on who else may join the cast, but there was chatter last year that Idris might appear in the movie.

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