Did Chris Brown’s Mom Take Shots At Karrueche Tran?


There’s no doubt Chris Brown‘s mom is ride-or-die for her son, but she might’ve took it a little too far this time with her latest Tweet. Listen to the audio player to hear what she said that sounds like she was taking a few shot at Karrueche Tran in the latest edition of the Front Page!

Did Chris Brown’s Mom Take Shots At Karrueche Tran? was originally published on rickeysmileymorningshow.com

15 thoughts on “Did Chris Brown’s Mom Take Shots At Karrueche Tran?

  1. When your gettin that kick back from your son’s success, you are definitely going to defend the bank.
    His upbringing obviously was lacking, hitting women, appearing nude on the internet. I love his music but as a grown man and a human being his foundation that was built at home was lacking

  2. How old is this woman???? Hold your son accountable for his actions as well. Obviously Chris cared for Karrueche and if she was with him when this child was created, she has the right to feel some type of way.

  3. inluv4life4 on said:

    i think she was more talking to the people making all the negative comments on his page, media, etc.. maybe her too but from this you are really assuming to say that she’s taking jabs at K Tran.. but possibly she is included..

  4. You will receive my loyalty, when you are loyal to me! They were together by evidence of the timeline of the pregnancy and birth, so I would check out too if I was Tran. I know you always want to see the best in your son, but mothers need to also be ready to like Claudia said “check your son”. I don’t think it was directed at her, but if it was the mom may need to examine the facts before wanting to talk about loyalty. Women should have to be ready to forgive when a man ventures out of the relationship, its okay to want better, to demand better, and leave to receive better.

  5. Krunchie better not mess with Kris Brown’s mom. Krunchie will get the crap beaten out of her. Krunchie should know his mom loves Rhianna and realizes Krunchie is still the “Side Chick”.

  6. Sheryl on said:

    As for Chris’s mom. She is always going to be there for her son and she does not need to apologize or be ridiculed for that. Just as your parent is there for you…she will always be a parent.

  7. Sheryl on said:

    I am a fan of Chris Brown. Chris can not satisfy everyone and does not need to. Like everyone else he needs to do what is best for him. People are going to be negative no matter what you do. Don’t even attempt to let yourself be a target.

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