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What happens when rumors surface that a historic institute of higher education might be closing amid financial reasons? Cue upset Alumni, disappointed and confused students and a stressed Administration.

Such is the case for South Carolina State University.

In an unlikely move, Dr. Thomas Elzey, the school’s President, isn’t suing an outside entity he’s suing his employer.

HBCU Digest reports:

WIS-TV reports that Elzey is requesting an injunction against his administrative leave status, telling a court that politics and leadership contention will soon lead to his firing. From the report:

In the 16-page complaint, Elzey alleges he has suffered lost wages, severe psychological harm, emotional distress, anxiety, pain and suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, embarrassment, humiliation, and even physical injuries due to the strife between him and the board.

The full complaint, in which Elzey refers to broken communication between himself and Board Chair William Small and incompetence of current board members, casts more controversy on leadership strife at the school. Elzey has been at the center of the school’s fight to avoid closure, when state legislators last month cited his inability to present a cost-savings plan as the root for a vote to close the school for two years.

Do you Dr. Elzey is making the right decision?

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