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Dear Tom,

My husband, Theo and I have been together for forty-one years and in all that time we have never been through the hardship that we are going through now.  I have been a home health aide for twenty years.  But, right now i am out of work because my client died in early January and since then my agency has not found a job for me.

I have been looking for a job elsewhere, but nothing as yet.

My husband is getting $608.00 from social security, so right now that is our only income. For five years, he has been looking for employment, but at sixty-five years- old it’s hard to find a job.  We had to apply for food stamps and have been receiving them since last month.   Our bills are due, but we are unable to pay them and our mortgage payment for January was paid a month late, which put us behind for February’s mortgage.

Tom, our mortgage company is already threatening us because of the late payments.  We have been in our home for twenty years and we don’t want to lose it and become homeless.   Our family members have helped us as much as they could, but we don’t want to burden them.

We are long-time listeners to your show on HOT 105fm and we always hear you helping people out all the time. You are a blessing. So, please if you could help us at this time pay our February mortgage and catch up on our bills, we would surely appreciate it. In time to come, when we get back on our feet, we will repay you.