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People look to astrology to figure out everything from their love life to career success, and now you can add health to that list. According to NyoozTrend, astrologer Gillian Knowles has found the connection between horoscopes and dieting habits.

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If you’re trying to lose some weight looking to Gillian’s horoscopes might be the key to get you on the right track.

For example, Knowles says finding a diet and sticking to it could be difficult for a Pisces, which represents those with a birthday between February 20 and March 21. This particular sign suggests bringing dance, yoga, or mediation into their daily schedule to express locked in emotions and prevent over-eating, which she suggests is more likely with Pisces.

Gillian’s horoscopes tell what kind of eater certain signs are and what type of foods they should avoid for diet success.

Get the full list of signs and what they say about what you need to manage a healthy lifestyle at NyoozTrend!

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