Academy-Award winner Mo’Nique recently opened up about how she was “blackballed” in Hollywood due to what Lee Daniels explained as her not willing to “play the game” to Oscar campaign in 2009.

While Daniels stood by his comments, Sheryl Lee Ralph shared her thoughts with “Access Hollywood” about his theory on Mo’Nique’s blackballing and the harsh reality, according to the Huffington Post.

“What’s interesting about that is, she didn’t campaign. I wonder, do you think that they would blackball Tom Hanks for not campaigning for a movie?” Ralph asked. “The game is different for women.”

She added, “we don’t know what was going on with that person. She might have been in a state of her mind where she said, ‘I cannot go out there and do this with all these people without causing harm to myself.’ We don’t know what was going on in her mind.”

Ralph gave advice on what her former “Moesha” co-star should do to execute a successful comeback to film, and it involves humbling herself.

“A whole lot of actors are difficult. And there’s a whole lot of actors who are mean and terrible, but they work all the time,” Ralph said.

She continued with, “it goes back to who likes you, who wants to be in your kind of crazy company. Who wants to give you money in hopes they’ll get something back on the return on your madness. And sometimes you just need to shut up, sit there and look pretty … But I think this is a setup for a comeback.”

The “Dreamgirls” legend recommended she come back as tiny as any other person and not as the Mo’Nique everyone knows. That won’t work.

“So she better come back brand new. That’s what they’re waiting for,” Ralph said. “And if a big-time producer says to you, ‘You have been blackballed,’ what he is really doing is looking at you and saying, ‘You ain’t never working with me again.’”

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