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Lil Wayne’s $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money Records and its head Birdman was a shock to many. What we didn’t know is how far the label’s shady dealings with Weezy, his Young Money Entertainment and artist Drake ran.

According to 21-page suit, posted Mark H. Jaffe, the f***ery and betrayal goes deep, as seen in the following points via

1. Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment is technically not owned by Lil Wayne because his “Pa”, Birdman, owns 51% interest in the label while Weezy owns 49%.

2. Cash Money Records failed to provide Weezy and/or Young Money with accounting statements and payments of net profits for years.

3. Since early 2012, Cash Money has failed to provide monthly accounting statements and/or failed to pay Young Money its share of receipts with regard to Drake’s recordings, who is signed to Young Money.

4. Cash Money has failed to provide a single accounting in respect of the exploitation of the Drake recordings, despite Drake being one of the best selling recording artists in recent years.

5. Cash Money has failed to pay Young Money any royalties for recordings owned and commercially exploited by Young Money.

6. Cash Money failed to properly register the copyright in the Young Money Label recordings as jointly owned by Cash Money and Carter/Young Money LLC.

7. Cash Money would refuse to sign artists that Lil Wayne brought to join Young Money.

8. Cash Money failed to account to and pay third parties (i.e. producers, etc.) involved with recording artists signed to Young Money.

And these are just a few things brought out in the lawsuit, among many from Birdman and Cash Money.

So what do you think? Does Lil Wayne deserve payback from Birdman and Cash Money? Does all this change your thinking about Cash Money’s “family” image as a strong record label?

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57 thoughts on “Lil’ Wayne’s $51 Million Lawsuit Opens Up Cash Money’s Shady Business

  1. johnny boy on said:

    who really cares about people taking or rapping dog shit — the devils are white facing the music. the movies .the tvs shows– the whole world steals so give baby a pass in the land of bumden our county stole from day one and with blacks broke you know whose buying and selling shit– the devils

  2. Wanna fix future problems ….. hire the most expensive Craka attorney (ask Trump for a name) and (one that does not like Rap, Hip Hop) to read, translate, and advice you before you sign the CONTRACT!

  3. I just want to know if they are going to investigate the allegations made by some individuals that Birdman essentially forced some of Young Moneys artists to have sex with him to get signed to the label. That’s the biggest question to me.

    • And he went to college… -__- pfhhh. Attending college just to try “fuk’ing every girl in the world” ..doesn’t qualify, Son. And it ain’t helping yo’ daddy/financial situation either. ‘NEXT’ this whole foolish crew and their media whore madness.

  4. c’mong mang!!! You playin’ with my money dog!!! Here’s the rules.
    1. Always watch the money son… homey or no homey…do not trust.
    This goes way back to gangsta rap.
    Example: ez e and jerry heller at ruthless records
    dogged out NWA of their monies… homeys???
    Then they fell for it again with Def Row… suckas!
    Luckily talent found the ones who had it, but others
    in NWA that sided w ez were talking smack on Dre ended up with nothing.

    2. Watch the legal. Get an attorney of your own and pay as
    you go, not on retainer.

    3. Rule number 3… never get high own your own supply

  5. “Don’t accept this deal “fam” instead do this for we all can be straight and avoid being phuqued over”,- says the concern black man to the other black man that is always saying that we all need to stick together.

  6. you see, manny bought a private plane then turned around and sold that bitch to juve and wayne, they put thirty inch lorenzo’s on that thing man, i know you n****s just don’t understand

  7. This is pathetic, this is hwo Don King desroyed boxing, stealing from the fighters. This just goes to show, wether black or white you’re gonna get screwed, no matter who’s in charge. R.I.P. black business owner, no wonder we run to other people.

  8. E.P. Sato on said:

    People are actually surprised that a hip hop label has failed to pay its artists? REALLY? Aside from maybe JIVE, pretty much every single hip hop label has had a scandal related to the issue of stealing money from its artists. Death Row Records made a killing off of Snoop, Tupac and others, and they were all quick to exit that label as fast as they could, mostly for the issue of not getting paid.

    Ice T put it best when he said that rappers were the “hos” and the labels were the “pimps.” How often in that relationship do we hear of the “ho” getting the proper share for their work?

  9. It sounds like Baby was doing business the correct way and Wayne is trying to sue for being an idiot. Just because Lil Wayne rapped that he owned Young Money doesn’t make Baby and Cash Money wrong for actually owning half of it. Stop trying to be businessmen if you don’t know how to run a business. My guess is Lil Wayne and them had no clue who was owed what, they had no clue about the accounting or anything else. As for not signing people he brought, so what Baby is the majority owner of young money, he doesn’t have to sign whatever random people you bring in. That’s the real world, its not on Baby to handle Lil Wayne’s business for him. If Wayne went to Def Jam, he’d need to know to read his contract, and negotiate a deal instead of just blindly following as he apparently did with this young money stuff

    • Windy City Hawk on said:

      So you’re saying that it is okay to treat your business partners shady if you are the majority owner? Points 3, 4, 5, and 6 are not only shady they are ILLEGAL! I think YOU need to understand business and anyone out there reading your comments should be weary of doing business with you! I’m just saying though…

  10. At the end of the day with everybody doing the 50 Cent thing (snitching on each other) the Feds, Irs, etc will be involved soon and next will come Jail play or gun play but in the end many blacks will lose because of one greedy bitch as black. Like Kenye West says we won’t get any peace until we drown all the haters (birdman) hating to see anyone else shine. Holding the man’s money while he on 1thru99dot com tricking!

    • You really think Baby didn’t pay his taxes, he’s holding Waynes money because Wayne was an idiot. Nobody is stopping you from shining, you’re not shining casue your ignorantly following another man instead handling your business. Wayne was dumb enough to give Cash Money 51% of Young Money, he was dumb enough to then not invoice Cash Money for producers. Nobody stopped him from saying “I’m a multi millionaire, I need to learn how to handle the business side of this shit”

    • levan walker on said:

      Man listen this is levan walker and I am here to tell you that the music industry is curropted and it doesn’t cover a lot of hand shake agreement. However a breach of contract is a stand point issues in this matter. I went through the same thing with hot to death records. Iwas suspose to part owner and verbal agreement went wrong on the agreement and I was denied justice about the situation. Reply back to

      • Black American on said:

        No. Looking at your post, it’s clear why you were “jerked”. You can’t even spell!

  11. prinston23 on said:

    all they have to do is show there recepts and get an accountant or two to make sure that this dosent happen again despite baby is in a hole for not paying his artists

  12. Greg house on said:

    Well the problem lies here, a Cash money is sole owner of copyrights, so Wayne is at fault for not copyrighting his own stuff! In a us court copyright ownership rules out everything period! Cash money has those, thus in the end it all belongs to cash money regardless who wrote it because he copyrighted it, and in this world, whomever makes it to first WINS all future claims! Ps musicians don’t learn this like lil Wayne did, pay to protect your music, don’t buy into collective commons or none of this online mail it back to yourself time stamp bullshit, they do not accept them over a us copyright even if the time stamp is before it! Read the law!

  13. This just goes to show that Lil Wayne don’t know shyte about business. The only people who gone win in this lawsuit are the lawyers. Lil Wayne is screwed…Drake is screwed…and Nicki Minaj is screwed. Baby own all they shyte and they gone all have to start over again, if they can even get out of their current shytty situation. They SCREWED! Baby said he made Lil Wayne President of Cash Money, and now Weezy can’t even get his own album out…how embarrassing. Bragging on all those lyrics about being some big time roller with the label, and when it’s all said and done, he just a foot soldier like the rest! He just Baby’s BEOTCH just like the rest of them! Baby own all their rights and probably behind closed doors, some Jew owns Baby!…just like that Jew who owns Doctor Dre!

  14. If people didn’t know birdman was hoarding the cash that cash money recording artists were making then they have no idea about rap or hip hop. how many artists have left cash money since the beginning all citing birdman never paid up… shit mannie fresh even left the label, and supposedly he was great buds with birdman,, birdmans a con artist. you don’t blame the con artist you blame the morons dumb enough to trust him. con stands for conquering if u didn’t know.

  15. Baby had been doing this as long as the label existed. Look at Juvenile, Turk, Manny Fresh, and B.G.
    Can Wayne and the knowing public really be that surprised? That is why I wonder why Drake signed to them in the first place.

  16. uddertrini on said:

    There is no vision for the future with most of those who subscribe to that mode of business dealings! One would imagine that music and creativity opening up the door for a business foundation but instead one group succeeding in ripping the other off while enjoying the benefits of other peoples labour! That is the greater problem that must be addressed but sadly nothing will be done.

  17. GEt A Clue on said:

    Need to hear more funky Jazz that’s your true HIP HOP! Giving it away just like current Hip Hop! Before Miles died he said Hip Hop is Be Bop. Wise up everybody!

  18. Baraka555 on said:

    Lil wane know what was going on and did not like it but bird man kept buying him gifts and when that did not work he put him in jail.

  19. Cash money has been denying it’s artist’s of money earned for years. and the sad part about it is that Baby/Cash Money Records aren’t even owning up to not paying their artists. Like how long did you think it would last before you were sued?

  20. Madeupname on said:

    Wayne, how do you start your own label and let Birdman have controlling shares? This is why rappers need to invest that money into a college degree.

    • THAT’S A LIE!! By call Black men out of their name is the beginning of a lie. N**GA is for those with a defeated mindset! If Blacks couldn’t work together we would still be slaves. If Blacks couldn’t work together we would still be under Segregation and Jim Crow. If Blacks couldn’t work together we wouldn’t fight for the right to vote. If Blacks couldn’t work together we would be settle for your nonsense and not speak up. LEARN BLACK HISTORY!!

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Riiiight. That is why anytime a neighborhood becomes all black it becomes rundown and the property value is sh!t; that is why a school that is all black(teachers and student body) is under-achieving academically. We always blame these things on the white man, when in reality it is our own actions every time.

  21. Hip-Hop was destroyed in a meeting in 1994 behind closed doors, No more do we have conscientious Hip-Hop with the like i.e Public Enemy, KRS1 or NWA just to name a few the current was all designed by the White Male establishment notice the difference in lyric from White Artist compared to Negro Artist. Go here:

    • We do have conscience hip hop it’s just not promoted. Like anything worth having in life you have to pursue it. Get off the grid check the internet, search “new hip hop/conscience” you’ll find it. Sometimes you have to go back and rediscover mind provoking rap like XClan, King Sun and Spearhead. It’s out there.

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