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On February 15, the New Mexico paper Roswell Daily Record posted a very racist editorial cartoon that poked fun at cultural icons. Drawn and worded by Keith Bell, it’s a close-up of a street sign that bears the names of heroes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez and how many miles each of their memorial sites are located. On the bottom, in small print, he then says: “To clear up any confusion on where some people should go.”

“Where some people should go?” That’s terrible. As a Bostonian, I was offended further by the addition of a bird in the picture stating,What this town really needs is a Larry Bird Boulevard!” and his little friend going “Yea!” Larry Bird was one of the star players of the Boston Celtics in his prime and one of handful of known White basketball players. Mr. Keith Bell, leave any association to my hometown out of your terrible and stupid racist cartoon. At least Boston Herald apologized, granted it was short. Boston doesn’t have a Larry Bird boulevard, but we do have a beautiful bronzed statue of Phillis Wheatley, the first Black woman poet to be published in America.

Boston, Massachusetts, Statue Of Poet Phillis Wheatley (1753 – December 5, 1784), Enslaved At The Age Of Eight, Is Widely Known As The First African-American Woman In United States' History To Have Her Poetry Published.

Bell and Roswell Daily Record should be embarrassed. But clearly they are not. The cartoon is still on the site for all to see. As reported by Latino Rebels, after Roswell shamelessly did a Facebook update about it, a petition appeared for advertisers to withdraw business with the paper:

The Roswell Daily Record’s regular anti-Hispanic and anti-African-American cartoons are anti-New Mexican. They cast Roswell, and all of New Mexico, in a bad light.

As an advertiser, I urge you to drop your business with the Daily Record until they drop their racist cartoonist and apologize to New Mexicans they offended.

You can email publisher Charles Fischer to drop your ads

And courtesy of Latino Rebels, we now know that Bell has drawn questionable cartoons before. Rebels reached out to Fischer about the drawing, but he has yet to respond.

If Bell is one of those avant-garde, pushing the envelope type of artists, why hasn’t he said something about this? The cartoon was drawn was a satiric response to the New Mexico’s plan of new street signs and the state has a history of immigration issues. But it’s hard to tell what side they’re on when neither the paper or artist have even issued a statement. This cartoon was very disappointing.

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8 thoughts on “New Mexico Newspaper Publishes Racist Cartoon & Refuses To Take It Down

  1. Some people will always be mean spirited and have a lifetime commitment to spread their racist hate. They will die and go to hell as mean spirited racist monster.

  2. ambientbake on said:

    MLK Blvd is typically code for a part of town you don’t want to be stuck in; drugs, drive by shootings, prostitution, etc.

  3. We come from a rich history that will never be exposed to the European people because you see white supremacy is the order of the day. You must understand that the reason white men murder black men at an alarming rate is due to is paramount to genocide of a race and how you do that? kill off the black male because it is all about the gene pool black genes are dominate over white when bi-racial children are born it kills off the white race as we know it. That is why slaves were lynched and or castrated because of our dominate gene remember, the caucasinoid people posses the recessive genes light skin reflects light black skin absorbs light not reflect it. I would love to hear your comments Go here:

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Those who live their lives according to the gospel of white supremacy know that their days are numbered. Their population is shrinking, some of their own children are crossing over and establishing bi-racial relationships. This has to stick deep in their guts, the fact and the possibly they won’t have any heirs to carry on the doctrine of white supremacy. If the New Mexico gets reduced ad revenue and reduced circulation, racist cartoonist will be thrown under the bus.

  4. blackspeak on said:

    White supremacy/racism is by nature, design to mistreat non-white people… a system of justice would do the exact opposite…

  5. Kymberle on said:

    When ppl start getting their rump roasts busted on a regular basis. Sum things might change. . .I bet , I bet they won’t bring the rain with another group of ppl. . .

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