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He must be on his way to stardom because he’s only been on TV for two months and yeEmpire actor Bryshere Gray has already shut down Internet rumors that he’s gay. He tweeted, “They funny I’m not even gay doe.” He added, “No I’m not gay. I could never be gay, let’s make that clear.”

Gray plays Hakeem, the youngest Lyon brother who’s a spoiled, fame-hungry rapper. Jussie Smollett plays his older brother, Jamal, who happens to be a closeted gay R&B singer.

According to E! Online, Smollett’s role as Jamal, the middle son, has inspired real-life gay kids with their struggles with coming out and acceptance.

“A kid wrote me a letter after the second episode,” Smollett said. “He said that Jamal gave him the courage to come out to his parents.”

He added, “It touched me so deeply because it was only the second episode. So it must mean something to people. It’s just an honor to bring that to life.”

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