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Getting ready with your girls…playing dress up…doing each other’s makeup. These are all fun, but are you being safe and healthy while you are doing it? Here are six things you shouldn’t share even with your family!

1. Razors 

Though this may be an obvious one, it is still a commonly shared item. Razors cut extremely close to the skin, and oftentimes draw blood and other bodily fluids. This means loads of bacteria that you could be sharing as well.

2. Eye Makeup 

Ever heard of conjunctivitis? Well, you don’t want to find out what it is either! Sharing eye makeup is like a plea to get this nasty infection. The eyelids are the easy entry and exit point for bacteria and bodily fluids, and unlike other parts of your body, the eyes don’t have the added security of protective skin layers.

3. Makeup Brushes 

Unless you are washing your brushes between each and every makeup application, your brushes are uniquely full of you! Brushes are good for being full of bacteria. Can you imagine dusting someone else’s germs all over your face? That’s what sharing makeup brushes is like!

4. Jars

When you stick your finger down into a jar of cream, you are adding more and more bacteria to the mixture. There is nothing like a makeup jar Petri dish, and oh how bacteria love a  moist, dark place. I’d say it’s probably best to just stick to your own stuff!

5. Facial Cleansing Brush 

The bristles on a facial brush are full of dead skin cells and sebum. Who wants to swap that? I’m not sure that buffing someone else’s germs into your face sounds like a good idea. 

6. Lip Sticks, Stains, and Gloss 

The mouth is a playground of bacteria, and if you didn’t plan to go around kissing everyone whose lip color you like, then just go buy your own. Using someone else’s lip color is like asking for an infection and even an STD like herpes. 


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