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A new chapter has opened up in the police investigation of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon.

A police report obtained by reveals that officers from the Roswell Police Department pulled over a car Gordon was in on Feb. 2, two days after Brown was rushed to the hospital after being found unresponsive in the bathtub.

“On 2-02-2015 Officers Carter and Giles performed a traffic stop on a 2007 gray Toyota Camry (GA Tag# PVY7530) in the area of Atlanta St and Azela St for a lane violation,” the report read. “K9 responded to the residue was located in the center console. No charges were filed.”

Although the report doesn’t state who is responsible for the residue, it did name “Nicholas David Gordon” as one of the people in the vehicle. Gordon’s latest encounter with the law comes as Brown remains in a medically induced coma, one week after arriving in the hospital.

Media sources report that police believe Gordon may have had a hand in Brown’s drowning. According to TMZ, Max Lomas, a friend of Brown’s, reportedly accused Gordon of trying to cover up Brown’s drowning by allegedly removing bloodstains and cleaning up before police arrived on the scene.

In addition suspicious injuries were reportedly found on Brown’s face when paramedics arrived at her home on Jan. 31.

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38 thoughts on “Police Find Marijuana Residue in Nick Gordon’s Car Two Days After Bobbi Kristina’s Hospital Arrival

  1. Al K. Dhuh on said:

    First of all, I hope that Bobbi pulls through this. Hang in there baby girl! Secondly, the media needs to stop the madness. You can find countless articles plastered over the Internet each day about this situation. Their problem is that they are so busy trying to be in the know and the first one to get the story out there that they probably aren’t taking the time to fact check their stories.

  2. Exhale Exhale on said:

    I agree with most I don’t believe Nick would murder his meal ticket. I think Bobbi was like her mother lying all the time to everyone she was so called clean, happy etc. I think she overdosed and Nick might be guilty of trying to stage a scene so the gullible media can compare it to Whitney’s death! It’s funny how the Brown family trashed the Houston family but they’re drinking, fighting and name calling to EACH OTHER!!! Bobby has that guilty conscience after that tacky interview after low budget movie!!! Well Saint married baby making Bobby how is life now the two drug heads are gone???? WOW this tragedy will make a GREAT theater movie!!!!

  3. STFW!!!! You can find more cocaine and WEED residue on paper MONEY than they found in that man’s car. PLEASE!! What does that have to do with this girl barely clinging to life????

  4. Mundus Vol Decipi on said:

    Nick, need s a good lawyer because it seems like he is going to be blamed for whatever happened to Bobbi. I don’t know if he is guilty or not, but he definitely needs a lawyer. This case will be solved via blood splatter analysis and analysis of her injuries from her previous accident. Also, sooner or later someone who was at the scene will tell the truth. In the meantime, follow the money — wills, powers of attorney, financial arrangements or ties, etc. It could also be that the truth will never be known and her death or diminished health will be chalked up to the usual story for all who abuse drugs or alcohol — sickness, prison, or death.

  5. I have to agree with the previous comments. The media is grasping on straws and working overtime to find something bad to say about this young man, especially as it relates to the bathtub incident. None of us knows what happened prior to finding her unconscious and none of us knows what her state of mind may have been when she was in that tub. The police need to continue to investigate, because it does seem a little suspicious and the media need not report anything until they actually have ‘something’ to report. Finding some residue of marijuana was not worthy of being noted, let alone, written down to report.

  6. Roxann Snow on said:

    If he had pot in his car, he was anything but violent. Quit blaming pot for everything. Pot unless mixed with booze or other drugs, will make you completely docile. Why do you think the settlers gave it to the Indians in the “peace” pipe.

  7. BAW your storytelling is really getting quite lame – lots of innuendos and no real truth’s – you keep quoting TMZ – good Lord why? covering up and blood stains? – please! marijuana residue in a car two days later – give us a break

  8. on said:

    I’m so confused….what is the point of this article?? Even if he did smoke weed, so what? And it wasn’t that they found anything…they found “residue”. They are just grabbing at straws for a story at this point.

  9. Is this suppose to be a surprise to anyone? If they have something concrete to accuse or charge him with then do that, instead of trying to build a case with things like “residue of marijuana” found in his car and putting a time limited as to WHEN THEY FOUND IT as if it couldn’t have been there months ago! People you can bet if the police had found some concrete evidence, his behind would have been arrested a long time ago!

    • To all family members of Bobbi Kristine ,my heart goes out to you . We need to concentrate on Bobbi right now and let God give her the strength to survive, No matter how the investigation looks for Nick Gordon, justice will prevail and God will do his job. God Bless all of you. Donna in Florida

  10. Weed? Please!!!! This can not possible constitute a crime. It certainly can not attribute to someone being in the frame of mind to drown someone, eat someone or anything else but eat and sleep. Go find evidence of him beating her, administering heavy drugs to her along with anything else then putting her into the tub to drown.

  11. Ms Curly on said:

    Half of America smokes weed, so what the heck does that have to do with anything????
    The media is a trip, just grasping for anything. I just pray that this young lady recovers and if there was foul play and hope the person(s) responsible are put in jail.

  12. Jessabelle on said:

    BK was Nick’s meal ticket. Why would he want to harm her? So if Nick had residue in his car, you know BK was smokin’ the bone too.

  13. Ofey Blanco on said:

    I’ll just bet that if you examined the money in the wallet of the cops that you’d find plenty of Cocaine residue. How about a little quid pro quo here?

  14. Not to mention… why blame Nick.. he doesnt have anything to gain by killing or drowning her.. he gets more with her alive.. and we all knew they both smoked weed… This is stupid.. peeps always looking for someone to blame…she OD’ed and wanted to end her life.. simple as that! Sad but true…I pray they leave the boy alone and accept the fact.. she wanted to go out like her Mom and be done with the worlds BS!

    • That is THE most ignorant and racist comment I’ve ever heard! I, my friends and family don’t have any of that shyt residue. In fact, I’m in an argument with a white friend of mine who is FOR the legalization of that crap. My feeling is that pot is a gateway drug and should not be legalized. I have many other opinions on the topic that I won’t express here. She and I agree to disagree on this topic. Where do you get such ignorant and asinine information, from the movies and FOX news?

      • MariAnne on said:

        I agree. Pot should NEVER be legalized. The only people who don’t agree that pot is a gateway drug are those who wish to continue smoking pot. Unfortunately, BK only saw her parents getting high, most of her life here on earth. So that’s the only life-style she knows. This is ALL her parents’
        fault. Let’s put the blame where it belong. Maybe that will help the next young couple with beautiful children. May God Bless BK!

    • I have to agree with you. This girl totally disrespected the Houston family! She have had millionaires to billionaires support, but refused. I am SICK of her ungrateful ass! I have a 27 year old daughter begging for life where ass this rich ungrateful ass cared less!

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