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The scandal surrounding the Jackie Robinson West little league baseball team has given way to threats of legal action from the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Jackson is calling for Little League International to return the U.S. World Series championship to the 12-year-old members of the team after the team was stripped of its title. If the league doesn’t comply, Jackson stated Wednesday that he may bring a lawsuit.

The organization’s ruling Wednesday comes after months of allegations surrounding ineligible players and illegally redrawing its league boundaries resulted in Jackie Robinson West vacating its wins and the team’s coach being suspended, in addition to losing the title.

The all-black team captured the heart of the nation and support from MLB players during its run to the Little League World Series. Despite becoming U.S. champions, Jackie Robinson West ultimately lost to South Korea in the international title game. The Chicago-based team’s efforts were still rewarded as team members gained fans from all over, including the White House.

Nevertheless, the allegations, which were brought forth by Evergreen Park Little League coach and vice president Chris Janes, hounded the team. According to Yahoo, Janes threatened in a letter written months ago to Little League International to bring legal action himself if the organization didn’t look investigation his allegations. In addition to the letter, Janes spent months bringing his efforts to various media outlets in order to get Little League to re-check where exactly the Jackie Robinson West players lived.

Upon hearing what happened to the team, Jackson voiced his feelings about the situation, telling the Chicago Sun Times Wednesday that he was driven to tears by the decision.

“There’s nothing these kids have done to have their championship erased,” Jackson, who called for a “Reaffirmation of Championship” ceremony for the JRW players on Saturday morning . “I hope the Las Vegas team will have the strength of character not to accept.”

At a press conference held with Jackie Robinson West team members and Chicago pastor Michael Pfleger, who is white, Jackson made his intent known by telling Little League International to reverse its decision.

They had no problem bringing up the issue of race. Jackson asked, “Is this boundaries or race?,” Jackson asked as Pfleger said, “I definitely believe racism is a part of this.”

For his part, Janes gave his two cents Wednesday as he told reporters, “It’s tough, but the kids will be OK.”

Chatting with DNA Chicago‘s Mark Konkol, Janes revealed the extent to which his crusade against Jackie Robinson West has cost him. According to him, Little League’s decision against the team has resulted in him receiving death threats and nasty e-mails.

“We got about 50 messages,” he told DNAinfo Chicago. “I only listened to a few. Some were gibberish … saying things like ‘You’re an a——.’ A couple said, ‘You deserve to die.’”

Although he’s had opposition thrown his way in the form of “s—– emails and voicemails,” Janes added that he’s “not really concerned” about it.

After all, he does have the support of the local police.

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19 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Threatens Legal Action Over Little League World Series Scandal

  1. I hope they do sue (even if they lose the lawsuit) to get that rule of residence moved. It is stupid. Lets kids be kids and play and do this as FUN. It is time someone stood up to this nonsense. If a kid have talent, I do not care that kidlive on the moon, that kid’s talent should be seen by whatever team that kid want to play for.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Back in the 30’s and 40’s before baseball was integrated, the major league baseball teams wouldn’t play the negro teams because they were afraid they would get beat and people would read about it in the paper.

  2. Timekeeeper on said:

    One of the leaders of the Chicago team was part of après conference they held last night. This 12 year old kid stepped up to the microphone in front of all that media and the thousands who watched and gave the most heartfelt and heroic a young kind can give. He let it be known how he and his teammates feel about being wrongly stripped of their hard fought and won trophy. He proclaimed to everyone that they are, and still fee, rightly so that they, and they alone are the Little League World Series Champions. His character and poise spoke for themselves. After all of that there is no need for anyone else to day anything.
    That kid told it all. not only did he it a homerun last August, He hit an even better one last night!

    • I saw that as well and I say these kids should be able to play for whomever they want and these kids should NOT pay for what ADULTS DECIDED TO DO. That is the problem, these games should be about FUN and whoever want to play should play no matter where they come from. So I have NO PITY if anyone is challenging this nonsense. I have worked with trouble youths in the past; and to see YOUTHS who are trying to do good be treated like this ticks me off.

    • Shut up Stan. So what. If corportation do not hire and are bias, Jesse and others should “shake them down”. this is no difference than Women groups who “shake down” companies who are bias against woman. You take our money but you can not hire us.

  3. There needs to be a thorough investigation as to how the team alledgely violated game rules regarding the players residency and why the Nevada teams coach waited this long to bring this
    violation to everyones attention.

    The fact that the team in question is made up of mostly minority kids may be an issue.
    However, punishing these kids is wrong-punish the coaches and adminstrators who may have known what they were doing was wrong!

    I don’t believe that these kids knowingly cheated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree Linda. And for folks to use this team to trash Jesse Jackson is just being stupid or bias without seeing why Jesse and OTHERS are trying do, is just crazy. I get it because I have been saying it all along for years that residence rule is STUPID when it comes to KIDS wanting to play. If this rule was broken, BLAME THE ADULTS, NOT the KIDS. These kids WON by their OWN TALENTS regardless. it is not like they use drugs to enhance their game.

  4. Race is a factor in this. If this was an issue with the white team, it would not have come to this. As I have stated before, “if white folks can’t get you one way, they will get you in another way.”

    The rules of the game changes when they get beaten at their own game. How sad.

    • EIB, you are full of it/ Here in Georgia last year an all white team won the state little league and was found out to have players outside district/ They were disqualified/ no protests, no race claims/ nothing. They were wrong and accepted the findings/ grow up you cheat you lose, that is it.

      • Well rick IF that is true about the Georgia team, that was wrong as well and people around that team should have been vocal about it as well and just because they were quiet in Georgia does NOT mean everyone else should keep quiet about their situation. It is a STUPID RULE and I have ALWAYS said that about this kid teams. Lets kids play on whatever team they want to play on as kids. It should be about FUN anyway.

    • And thank goodness for the “race baiters”. They keep the pressure on while “race deniers” want to sit back and think everything is glory. To me, calling Jesse a race baiter is a complaint.

      • And thank goodness for the “race baiters”. They keep the pressure on while “race deniers” want to sit back and think everything is glory. To me, calling Jesse a race baiter is a COMPLAINTMENT and HONOR.

  5. Mr. Jackson please have a seat what do you expect to gain by filing a lawsuit. This is the ONLY country where frivolous lawsuits are allowed to go forward wasting the time of our judicial officials and backlogging court calendars. Instead of a lawsuit, how about talking to the folks who may have caused the problem and teaching the children that actions dictate consequences. Use this time to teach, not file a lawsuit. Just ridiculous!

    • Well Blu Ray, I prefer this lawsuit be file than the lawsuits you are talking about . Maybe this will change things even if they lose the lawsuit. That rule about where a kid lives is STUPID I do not care if it is a white team or a black team, THESE ARE KIDS and they should be allow to play on whatever team they want. Will the MONEY all of these networks and folks made off these kids be returned? NO. SO do not trip off of what Jesse and others are doing. but what else is new. We always had issues that was “against the rule” to do until someone fought against it and had it removed.

    • And he should just like MLK rode on the coattails of Frederick Douglas, MArcus Garvey, Malcohm X and many more. If it was not for “riding of coattails”, we would still be in the cotton fields. As for calling Jesse a race baiter, than goodness for race baiters. Race baiter makes sure the issue of race WHICH STILL EXIST is pushed under the rug by race deniers.

      • And he should just like MLK rode on the coattails of Frederick Douglas, MArcus Garvey, Malcohm X and many more. If it was not for “riding of coattails”, we would still be in the cotton fields. As for calling Jesse a race baiter, than goodness for race baiters. Race baiter makes sure the issue of race WHICH STILL EXIST is NOT pushed under the rug by RACE DENIERS

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