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Chris Brown and the Grammys just don’t mix well.

The LAPD claims it received an anonymous tip a passenger in his car was carrying a gun, according to TMZ.

Brown partied at T.I.‘s pre-Grammy party at Hollywood’s Sayer nightclub. LAPD found his friend as well as detained Brown, and then searched for the alleged gun in the car.

In the vehicle, they found no gun. But it’s apparent Brown, Grammy time and guns seems to be a bad combination for the pop star.

In 2009, he was arrested for domestic violence in the beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna. In 2014, Suge Knight was shot six times while he performed at a VMA party. And just last month, six people were shot at his San Jose concert.

Brown finished his community service, and if he wants to go on his “Between the Sheets Tour” with Trey Songz this summer he might want to stay out of trouble.

Famous Folks Accused of Domestic Violence
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(Photo Source: Chris Brown Instagram)

10 thoughts on “LAPD Search Chris Brown’s Car for Gun at Pre-Grammy Party (Watch)

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  2. If Chris is being harassed, he needs to use the system to his advantage. Sue those folks as they would sue him if he did something. He is a target now as being a famous person (reminds me of when Mike Tyson was a target and even some guys tried to use Tyson’s past to say Tyson hit them when in fact they started harassing Tyson and it was caught on tape from a store camera across the street. idoits did not know it until it went to court and judge hit them with ASSUALT to Tyson).

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Trouble does seem to follow him wherever he goes, but this appears to be pure harassment. People never seem to let you forget the mistakes you made. What a shame.

  4. EVE*

    You must have a short memory–do you not remember him beating the hell out of Rhianna when they were together?

    I hate men who DISRESPECT women by putting their hands on them-is that okay with you?
    I don’t really care-because that is my opinion and we are all entitled to have that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda please! Chris hit Rhinna and Rhinna hit Chris. BOTH people should have kept their hands to themselves. Also, just because what happen between Chris and Rhinna does NOT give anyone the right to harass him. To do so, that make those people just as bad. And stop with the WOMAN nonsense. I am woman but we need to stop making excuses for women who do nonsense as well. MEN need to RESPECT WOMEN just like WOMEN need to RESPECT MEN. NOT one sided. Having a v*******a does NOT give you or any of a woman a pass. SOlonge hit Jay Z and people laughed even made fun of Jayz on SNL. If you can not judge BOTH ways, then you lose creditability and everyone take your words as nonsense and on deaf ears.

  5. This fool just can’t seem to stay off the radar!!!!

    I noticed that Mr. Brown refused to stand-up at the Grammy’s when the rest of the audience did regarding domestic violence/abuse!!!!!

    Just goes to show the POS he really is!!!!

    • Linda,
      Why would you address Chris Brown as a fool? What did he do wrong. He attended the Grammy’s. Per the innocent LAPD, an anonymous tip stated a passenger had a gun. They searched his vehicle and did not find anything. I do not think Chris look for trouble. I think the press and others take joy in making trouble for the guy.

      • I agree Eve. I do not care what Chris “past” is about, that does NOT justify him being harassed. If we all are judged on “our past”, hardly NO ONE deserves to be left alone but we love to hide behind computers, talk trash about someone, when in fact many folks have done the same thing Chris has done (Or worst). The only difference with Chris, his troubles are on TV whereas all of our issues are behind close doors and no one cares.

    • Honey what is your problem????? Did Chris Brown personally do something to you? He finally finished what the courts said he had to do. Rhianna has forgiven him (years ago) and has moved on and I guess the fact that he was 19 when all of this happened should matter, but when others at that same stupid age does wrong you and others don’t seem to have an issue with it, “because they wer just a kid” like Justin Beiber! This young man is trying to get his life back on track and it’s people like you and certain media outlets like TMZ who just refuse to think that even Chris Brown can grow up and make a change in his life. He should NOT be labeled by what he did 5 years ago as a teenager, no more than you would want the people in your life to pick something you did wrong as a teen and will not only use that against you, but will label you with it for the rest of your life! Now they claimed the LAPD got an “anonymous tip” (that wasn’t you was it?) about something that was not true, so he needs to make sure that he and anyone else he is with stays clean because some people (even you) are out to see him possibly get into trouble again which could do what wasn’t enough for you which would be for him to be put in prison. I’m sorry it’s so hard for you to think that this one man can’t be forgiven and given a second chance but that’s your issue. Chris Brown has something that his haters can’t change and that is talent, so hopefully now he can move on and give HIS FANS what they only want for him (a blessed second chance) and what HIS FANS want from him and that is beautiful music!!

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