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Mendeecees, Rich, and Cisco, and Chink had boys night out at the strip club.  Rich told them about his past relationship with Jhonni Blaze, and the guys warn him to tread carefully.  Cisco filled them in on what happened between him and Diamond, and was still very clearly upset that she was seeing someone else.  Chink talked to the fellas about his situation with Chrissy, and admitted he loved her and wanted to try again.

Peter took Amina and their kids to meet his and Tara’s sons, but Amina wasn’t feeling it and was concerned that Peter wasn’t ready to introduce her as their stepmother.

Yandy intervened with Kim on Mendeecees’ behalf.  Kim gave Yandy her cleaning bill for the suit Judy ruined, but Yandy pushed to get back to the conversation about custody of Lil’ Mendeecees.

Cyn and Paris went on a site check to look at a venue for her suicide awareness event.  Paris confided that she didn’t feel that Rich was working toward her best interests, and that he needed to put her in the studio rather than have her waiting on the sidelines.  Sin encouraged her to have a sit down with Rich and let him know how she felt.

Erica dished with her BFF Albee about what went down between her and Cyn.  She announced that she had been “confiding in someone,” and Albee wanted clarification as to whether it was a man or woman.  Erica dropped the bombshell that it was none other than Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow.  She said they had been friends for a long time and decided to explore the possibilities.

Chrissy and Chink met up to settle their differences, and Chink told her he wanted a clean slate.  Chink proposed that they make a contract to have a baby when the time was right for both of them.

Yandy and Judy discussed what happened with Kim and Samantha.  Yandy expressed how frustrated she was with having to step in, and Judy questioned her loyalty.  Yandy told her she couldn’t come to her and Mendeecees’ wedding if she continued acting so aggressively.

Erica visited Amina, and Amina told her that she had finally met his and Tara’s sons.  Amina confessed that Tara had been texting her, and Erica told her to keep the communication open with Tara so they could catch Peter in his lies.  She also told Amina about her new relationship with Shad, but admitted she was worried about things going downhill.

Tasha came up from Atlanta to talk to Cisco, and grilled him about not being there when she gave birth.  She pressed him about being in LA when she was in labor, but he insisted he was in New York. Cisco told Tasha he never saw a future for him and Diamond.  Tasha broke down and asked him what he wanted from her.

Chink got news from his cousin Black that his father’s surgery went well.  Black told him he didn’t want to have anything to do with Chrissy because he cared too much about Chink’s wife and kids.  Chink told Black Chrissy was his girl, and everyone needed to accept it.

Judy and Kim meet Yandy at her office, but Judy was ticked when she arrived and saw Kim there.  Kim charged her up for throwing the drink at her, and Judy defended her actions because she said she felt that Samantha disrespected her when she asked how old she was.  Judy apologized for throwing the drink at Kim, and the three women agreed that something needed to be done once and for all to settle the custody issues.

Rich popped in on Blaze in the studio as she rehearsed a new song.  Paris showed up to find out why Rich had been so hard to get in touch with, and Blaze informed her that she was interrupting her session.  Blaze asked Paris and Rich to step outside to handle their business so she could get back to work, and when Paris refused to leave Blaze swung at her.

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