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Everybody watches the Grammy Awards to see a couple of things…

–              To see what the performers will wear.

–              To see who wins.

–              To see the performances.

–              And, to see or hear what comes out of Kanye West’s mouth.

Remember this from 2009?

“Yo Taylor I’m really happy for you.  I’m gonna let you finish but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all times. One of the best videos of all times. (Applause)”

That was painful to watch as Taylor Swift just stood there bewildered and close-ups of a stunned Beyoncé were shown on international television.

Fast forward to 2015 and guess what nominees like Rick Ross and Malik Yusef were anticipating?

Rick Ross- “Kanye.”

Malik Yusef- “Kanye West.  Anything can happen.  He can rap.  He can sing. He could dance.  He could have a word or two for the listening audience. Kanye come on give us a rant yo.”

And your boy Kanye didn’t disappoint.

When Beck won ‘Album of the Year,’ Kanye walked up the steps and pretended he was going to storm the stage ala Taylor Swift style again.

Beyoncé could be seen in the crowd mouthing the words, “No Kanye.”

He didn’t say anything then but after the show Yeezus gave everyone what they were hoping for.

“The Grammy’s if they want real artists to keep coming back they need to stop playing with us.”

“And Beck need to respect artistry and he shoulda given his award to Beyoncé. And at this point we tired of it because what happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in their face after they deliver monumental feats in music you’re disrespectful to inspiration and we as musicians have to inspire people”

The best part of that was the pained expression on his wife Kim Kardashian’s face.

Kanye says he was there to fight for creativity, but the entire thing ticked off Whoopi and she talked about it on The View.

“As an artist, Kanye, you know what it’s like when somebody questions your artistry. Now, I don’t know if you listened to Beck’s album, but it was pretty damn good. And Beyoncé collecting three Grammys and I think it’s kind of rough for you to sort of say ‘real artists’ like he’s not a real artist. Everybody on that stage was a real artist, honey. You know this is one of the few places that you can’t you know. You can’t just get up and do what y’all do ok.”

Translation to what Whoopi was saying to Kanye; have a seat.

Do agree?

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14 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Is It Time For Kanye To Have a Seat At The Grammy’s?

  1. One thing about Kanye, he will speak the truth. The setting may not have been appropriate, but what he said is the absolute truth. More black artists and maybe some whites were thinking the same thing, but too afraid to voice their opinion in public.

  2. kanye west stop going to the grammys that is not desing for black people they always going to pick white people who can’t sing last year they pick taylor swift she can’t sing and she can’t dance so keeping living and every year they are going to pick white people for the cramp of a award

  3. I feel what Kanye said was right and I am glad he had the balls to say it, but he should not have disrespected Beck in doing so! The Grammy’s performances were horrible, worst than last year! Chris Brown was robbed, he should have won at least one of his nominations. The Grammy’s judges need to be fired, they wouldn’t know a good rap or R&B song if it hit them in the face

  4. Hugh A Rasmussen on said:

    The truth is these are both Hollywood make-believe “artists” cranking out “pop” music to primarily teenagers and some adults who have the maturity of the same. Insiders have told me that neither can play an instrument or read music, let alone, write an original song.
    Most Americans would not be able to identify either of them, as the majority of Americans do not listen to pop music. It is for kids…

  5. No, it’s not time for Kanye to have a seat. It’s time for Kanye to learn to come out of his seat to the right reason, which was the outright disrespect and discrimination shown to Ledisi at the Grammys, a disrespect and discrimination that not only Kanye should have come out of is seat for, but also Common, John Legend and Beyonce. Every black artist who knew the Grammys was going to deny Ledisi her just due television exposure should have jumped out their seats and refused to attend the Grammys. Why they didn’t? I my guess is that fame and fortune has turned the blackness of Kanye West, Common, John Legend and Beyonce’s another color, maybe the color fuchsia for f- black people.

  6. As is always the case with you, Mr West, the smart has a tendency to be accompanied by a little bit of stupid. You can’t, sir, have forgotten about the fact that during her Glastonbury Festival performance in 2008, Amy Winehouse referred to you not once, not twice, but three times as a “cunt” — and not in that goofy British having-a-laugh kind of way. She meant it. You must remember it because you blogged about it at the time and said “Amy Winehouse Hates Me!!! Now I’ve Really Made It!!! LOL!!!”

    So it seems odd that you would decide to, in the event of her death, start covering Amy’s music. At a recent UK festival, The Big Chill, you did renditions of “Back To Black” and “Tears Dry On Their Own”, and now Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper is reporting that you are recording your own version of “Back To Black”.

    We want to believe that your heart is in the right place and the sentiment is sweet. Who knows? Maybe you really do think you’re paying tribute to her. But wouldn’t it be more appropriate to do what Green Day has reportedly just done, and write an original song for her?

    The fact is, Kanye, even though you said you met Amy at Paris Fashion Week once and that you really liked her, she did repeatedly tell the world she thought you were a cunt. So perhaps it would be more respectful, now she’s no longer around to call you a cunt again, to leave her music alone. As talented and creative as you are, you are not going to make any improvements to a song that is already perfect. To even try to carries with it a little bit of disrespect under the circumstances.

    This is not the dumbest thing you’ve ever done (we, MTV, Taylor Swift and the rest of the world all know full well what that was), but it’s not your usual level of buffoonery, either. Usually, Kanye, your lack of awareness is hilarious (“Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on” remains one of our favorite Tweets of all time), but this time, you’re leaving us with nothing to smile about at all.

    So, congratulations on keeping us confused, and massive congratulations on the new album. But please, Kanye, please leave Amy Winehouse’s music alone. We’d all be much obliged.

  7. Why didn’t Kanye snatch the mic from B and say “Sorry B a more talented lady should be singing this song since she sang it in movie. Where you at Ledisi? ” Oh forgot Kanye doesn’t defend REAL talented black artists! !!

  8. specialt757 on said:

    Kanye has the “right” to feel the way he wants. However, everyone on that stage was an “artist” in his/her own right. He has no right to disrespect other artists because he doesn’t see their art form in their music. Who the hell does he think he is shittin on others’ accomplishments that have worked hard just to be nominated? Sit yo simple ass down Kanye, you’re so damn ignorant.

  9. Dam the man has a serious hard-on for Beyoncé he must why else would he continue to make and Azz of himself, what’s really embarrassing is
    apparently Kim can’t even throw cold water on it

  10. I agree Don even though I agree with Kanye. We have to accept who they give the award to regardless. And in truth, Kanye helped Taylor Swift’s career after that 2009 incident.

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