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Allegations of distributing drinks spiked with ecstasy have resulted in a strong denial from Reggie Bush, who is threatening legal action.

Speaking with the Detroit Free Press, Bush’s attorney, Shawn Holley labeled The Advocate‘s story regarding the situation “outrageous.”

“This is outrageous,” Holly said. “I can say to you on the record that Reggie adamantly, vehemently and unequivocally denies all of the statements in that article. We are demanding a retraction from The Advocate and Reggie is considering taking legal action.”

Holly’s comments come after the Advocate’s report, which mentioned former St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s deputy Brandon Licciardi, who was charged with helping Darren Sharper, a former safety for the Saints, drug women.

According to the report, Licciardi told investigators that before the team traded Bush to the Miami Dolphins, he saw the Detroit Lions running back drop ecstasy into champagne glasses at a Las Vegas dance club in the spring of 2011 as well as hand out ecstasy to women.

“No, I didn’t see him put it in the drink. He told me,” Licciardi later said.

Taking to Twitter, Bush echoed his attorney’s demand for a retraction as he took it a step further, tweeting, “I 100 percent intend to take legal action against The Advocate if they do not retract their LIE-FILLED article.”

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