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Curly hair don’t care! Or, do you? According to a 2014 survey of 859 women in the U.S., Brazil and U.K. conducted by Dove, only 10 percent of U.S. respondents reported they “feel proud” of their curly hair.

With their new “Love Your Curls” campaign Dove aims to help women and young girls do just that.

Curly hair is beautiful, and managing it doesn’t have to be a pain in the brush! Try some of these hacks to make your life a little bit easier.

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1. Drains Clogged? 

If you detangle your hair over the bathroom sink, try covering it with Saran Wrap first. It will catch all of the hair before it gets to the drain and it makes cleanup a breeze. If you like to detangle in the shower, use a drain cover. It let’s the water in and keeps the hair out!

2. Comb or Brush? 

Curly hair is better handled with a wide-tooth comb, and if you can’t find yours, use your fingers. They are a great alternative! This will ensure less damage and will keep your frizz levels down.

3. Tip to Top 

When combing and detangling your hair, start at the ends of your hair versus the roots. Tangles are much easier to get through when you start from the bottom and work your way up.

4. Reverse It 

Ever thought of applying your conditioner first? Well try it, it makes a heck of a difference. Next time you go to take a shower on wash day, douse your dry strands with conditioner and put a plastic cap over your head. The steam from the shower will let the product really set in. Your now moisturized hair is ready to be cleansed and it will make the process a lot easier.

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5. DIY 

Still on the search for the perfect moisturizing shampoo? No need to look any longer. Just take your favorite conditioner and your favorite sulfate-free shampoo and mix it together. Voila! You now have a moisturizing cleanser!

6. Lose the Towel 

Next time you’re finished washing your hair, wrap your head in a cotton t-shirt versus a towel. Towels cause damage to the hair cuticles and create loads of frizz.

7. ‘The Pineapple’ 

Can’t figure out how to keep your curls intact while you sleep? Flip your head over and pile all of your hair on top of your head in the highest ponytail possible. Wrap a scarf around the base of your head and go to sleep. The next morning you will have undisturbed curls and lots of volume!

8. Gel It Right 

Love your styling gel, but your styling gel isn’t quite the best for your hair? Try mixing it with a bit of leave-in- conditioner. Styling gels can often be drying to the hair, but with your added moisture to the mix, you can feel free to style gel away.

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9. Kind of Crunchy? 

After styling your hair with gels and mousse after a few days your hair may feel a little bit on the crunchy side. Try taking some of your favorite oil and running it through your hair. This will help soften up those curls, while giving them some added shine.

10. Don’t Rinse It All Out

Next time you go to rinse out your conditioner, make sure you use cold water and don’t rinse it all out. It’s okay! Your curls will love you for the residual product!



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