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Authorities have Nick Gordon in their sights as a criminal investigation has been launched following Bobbi Kristina Brown bathtub accident.

Georgia police believe that foul play may have been a factor in the incident that left Bobbi Kristin unconscious in a tub last month. According to, Bobbi had some suspicious-looking injuries that caught the attention of law enforcement. It’s unclear how she may have gotten those wounds, but she and Nick reportedly have a history of violence in their relationship.

As such, cops are looking into a possible fight they may have had about an hour before Bobbi was found face down in the tub last Saturday.

TMZ has identified a man named Max Lomas as the person that discovered her. He was reportedly stopped by Bobbi and Nick’s house around 9 AM, but he did not see Bobbi while hanging out with her boyfriend. However, he had been told that she was in the bedroom. Shortly after Max’s arrival, Nick wandered off. Then, at about 10 AM a cable guy came by the house and Max had to let him in.

Max found Bobbi when he had to let the repairman into the bedroom, and he immediately screamed for Nick. We know that Nick came in and administered CPR while someone called 911. However, there are now reports that Nick rushed around the house to tidy it up before emergency crews arrived, cleaning a few blood stains in the process.

Both Max and Nick were interviewed by authorities the day of the incident, but neither of the men have spoken to them since. Max’s lawyer is demanding that he get immunity before he speaks to cops again, and Nick has hired a legal team. He couldn’t be reached for comment.

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15 thoughts on “Criminal Investigation In Bobbi Kristina’s Bathtub Incident

  1. I say that I think Gordon and max put bobbi Kristina brown in the bathtub and she didn’t walk in the bathtub herself . How she in bathtub ??????? How did max give her drugs . Gordon is foul play on her to cover up the difference story , why he left then come and clean her blood stains at where.

  2. Do u think Nick and Max peek talking each other before they give hrr drugs they put bobbi Kristina brown in the bathtub in the water .that mean bobbi Kristina brown did not walk in the bathtub .
    “Nick and Max go to prison for foul play on bobbi Kristina brown.
    They are damn fool on her .
    my god !!! He clean her blood stains ?????
    Spray the glow on bathtub, counter, floor to see the glow so the invesgation will evidence this footage and glow hands on max and nick,
    yell !!! Max and Nick are damn person
    they are monster drugs

  3. I think that Nick Gordan abuse Bobbi Kristina brown cuz he want bobbi give to him that why she refused give him no dime. Her mother sign her name on Documents .he is very jealous over her million dollars in trust funds so thst why Gary is payee on her $$$. He destroy on her . No for Nick Gordan period !! He is angry at her.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Where is the cable guy or repairman that found BK? Why is Max opening up the door for a stranger and did not tell Nick someone was there? Why wasn’t the repairman’s identity revealed or even mentioned early on. This story is bogus as hell! Don’t believe anything from TMZ they are trash.

  5. I knew it, I knew it. You can not drown yourself in a bath tub; no matter how hard you try. If you fall asleep in the tub you will slide down and this is how you will drown. Depending on your state you may wake up and realize what is going on, otherwise you will drown.

  6. I am not at all surprised found it strange that she was found face down if drown seem to me she would most likely be on her back never trusted him she is very young and naïve
    and a very good target without her mom I pray she pulls through

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