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Bad breath can ruin a lot of things for you…like that first moment you finally decide to say something to the guy or girl you’ve been secretly crushing on for months, or even that first impression you are trying to make during an important interview. Bad breath just simply stinks (pun intended)!  If you are suffering from this horrible problem try following these steps to correct and even prevent it.

Dental Hygiene 

So this may seem like the obvious, but maybe you just need a good reminder! If you don’t take care of your mouth then cavities, tooth decay and gum disease could be the source of your foul breath. It is important to minimally brush twice a day and floss once a day to ensure you are removing all necessary plaque and bacteria from your teeth and mouth. If you want to be extra on top of it, brush after every meal! And don’t forget to clean your tongue. You may not realize that your tongue is like a sponge, soaking up all of the bacteria your mouth can hold. This is prime breeding grounds for halitosis. YUCK!

Let That Sugar Go 

Have you ever sprayed perfume or cologne on yourself after a gruesome workout, soon to realize you are only temporarily masking the smell? This is the same as popping a mint or stick of gum in your mouth to hide that awful dragon breath. Research actually suggests that you may be only making the problem worse. Sugar becomes fermented from the bacteria in your mouth, causing more odors. It may be a best practice to get the the root of the issue versus trying to hide it!

Got Water? 

Your saliva actually helps to ward off bad bacteria, but guess what? Your mouth can’t produce saliva if it’s dry! Keeping hydrated is essential so that your mouth can do its job of keeping itself clean and healthy. The salivary glands will stay stimulated if you keep H2O in your system.

Other reasons your mouth may be experiencing some dryness could be due to medications you are taking, or even sleeping disorders, sinusitis, etc. If you think that any of these may be the cause, check with your physician.

Skip The Bread

Are you on a mission to lose weight? Trying a low carb, high protein diet? This could be the cause of that treacherous breath! This type of diet keeps your body in a consistent fat-burning state, referred to as ketosis. This means that your body is using stored fats to fuel itself versus carbs, and as a result your body produces a chemical called ketone that often releases a bad odor in the mouth. This metabolic issue originates in your stomach, but passes up into your mouth. I guess you will have to decide what’s more important to you, your diet or breath?

Tea Time

According to the American Society for Microbiology, black and green teas can actually help fight off bacterial growth in the mouth that causes funky breath. I say if you enjoy tea, start sippin’!

Spice, Spice Baby! 

There are many natural spices that contain antibacterial properties that can help with your breath odor issue. Cardamom for instance is an Indian spice that has been used as a natural breath freshener for years. For best results, try chewing on cardamom seeds instead of mints.



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