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There are some women out there who dream of marrying a baller as successful as Dwyane Wade, and the trophy wife perks that come along with being a “basketball wife,” but not Gabrielle Union. She’s got her own.

With the premiere of season 2 of “Being Mary Jane” on the horizon and wedding bells dragging behind the bumper on her Maybach, Gabby U opened up to Yahoo Style about asking her Miami Heat hubby for a prenup, recasting “Bring It On” and playing a “home wrecker.”

“For women in Hollywood, when they’re coupling, everything is about the brand. Everything is about latching on to a rising star, so you can kick your heels up. That’s never been my story, ever,” she said. “I make sure to let people know all of the hard work that’s gone into my career.”

She added,

“I want people to know the work that it took to get through UCLA, that I had student loans and worked. I was eating Top Ramen and lived well below my means. Now that it’s time to get married to a man who happens to play basketball and has done well for himself, I want to make it clear that I have in no way hitched my wagon to his star. I have my own wagon and star.”

We all know Gabby is gorgeous, talented and pretty much the girl next door everyone hopes to be, but she just took fierce to new levels.

When she isn’t being the ideal wife, she’s playing the perfect homewrecker…on “Being Mary Jane” that is.

“I think initially she is a home wrecker. He was dishonest. He started a relationship under false pretenses [by not telling her he was married], but I think she became a bit morally bankrupt on the way,” she explained about her character. “That narrative is important to tell, which is why I was all for the story line. It shows what happens and all of the people who are affected in an affair. I look at it as a morality tale.”

Gabby even touched on casting a “Bring It On” remake and guess who she thinks should play her…Keke Palmer. And in the Kirsten Dunst role? Dakota Fanning. And Selena Gomez in the Eliza Dushku bad-girl role.


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5 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union: ‘I Asked For A Prenup’

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    Yep! Nothing like having your own, but don’t think for a minute that if there were to divorce that she would still be getting a “little” of his, too. And, a “little” of his would still be a lot.

  2. Kudo’s to Ms. Union!!!!!

    More women need to think the way that she does these days and then they would not find themselves behind the eight ball years later in their relationship or marriage.

    Ain’t nothing like having your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. eyelostmyname on said:

    Union is a money grabbing ho who is out to make a case for herself in the news media. Her case is to defense herself against the truth that she was out to take that dumb jock for as much money as she could take him for. I have absolutely no respect for her. I don’t think too much of his dumb azz, either.

  4. Deborah M on said:

    I have always seen her as a women of class who represents all that she does with beauty and grace, and she represent women of color with not only her beauty but her brains,

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