1. Teddy and Tina Campbell

Teddy admitted on national television that he’d had several affairs while married to his wife Tina, one half of Mary Mary.

2. Terry MCMillan and Jonathan Plummer

Terry and her ex-husband Jonathan aired all their dirty laundry out on Oprah’s couch including the super obvious homosexual claims.

3. The Dream and Christina Milian

He cheated on her with their nanny but a few years later, after their divorce, Christina is now dating Lil Wayne, the baby daddy of her ex-husband’s ex-wife Nivea.

4. Marion Jones and CJ Hunter

CJ Hunter, the ex husband of Olympic athlete Marion Jones testified against her in 2007 that he’d seen her inject steroids in her stomach.

5. Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas

Keith file and a restraining order against this wife saying she threatened his life and went to the press leaking private information about her businesses.

6. Faye Grant and Stephen Collins

While it was disgusting what Stephen Collins did to young girls, some say that his wife Faye was also in the wrong for secretly taping the private conversations and them leaking them to the public.

7. Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Salley

Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Salley

Lamar released private details of the couple’s prenuptial agreement, he then talked about their surrogacy plans and planned to sue her…which he later did for allegedly abandoning their baby.

8. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost

Blindsided by his wife’s pregnancy, Kirk Frost accused his wife of having an affair, cheated on her with a younger woman and then swabbed his son’s mouth without telling Rasheeda…all while cameras were rolling on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’.