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Well, it’s a wrap for “R&B Divas Atlanta.”

At least that’s what Jawn Murray’s AlwaysAlist is reporting. Murray says that on Tuesday afternoon, several members of the cast were notified that the show was officially cancelled. The story also noted that last week, at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, TV One’s new President, Brad Siegel, did not present “R&B Divas Atlanta” as one of the returning series.

The situation is also kinda messy because of litigation surrounding the “R&B Divas” franchise. Nicci Gilbert, former executive and creator of the show filed a lawsuit about the spin-off “Hollywood Divas.” We’ve also learned that there could also be additional litigation from the existing executive producers, who were initially told that “Hollywood Divas” was not a spin-off of “R&B Divas,” but then the network released a press announcement calling it a spin-off.

“R&B Divas Atlanta” came to be in 2012. The original cast members were Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt and Monifah Carter. Angie Stone joined the cast in season two and appeared for two seasons. Additionally, Xscape member LaTocha Scott, original Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson and former 702 lead singer Meelah Williams each appeared for one season.

AlwaysAList says it reached out to TV One, but the network would not confirm the cancellation. However, a spokesperson did reply with this message via email:

“Both ‘R&B Divas’’ series are important to TV One and at this time, the network has made no definitive decision as to the future of ‘R&B Divas Atlanta.’”

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13 thoughts on “‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Cancelled

  1. so glad the show is over, i did like angie stone , but syleena should have been the kick off she is so mean and hateful talk about little blues harris when she has no hair a child rude and evil. i never heard of her before could not say what record she has out

    • I agree, it was cruel to make fun of an innocent baby and extremely uncalled for since the child’s hair looks fine natural. What goes around, comes around.

    • Deejay Phif on said:

      You sound so ignorant. Like you personally know that child or like that child or her parents know or care about your existance. Her hair was nappy as hell. If her mom and dad wants her to walk around with nappy hair so be it. However, her hair is not of a texture that looks good when it’s not styled. No one is saying put chemicals in it but style it. My niece has natural hair but it’s long curly spirals. It’s not nappy and she’s 100% African-American. Blues hair is just nappy. And for the record, Syleena is not the only person to comment on that childs nappy hair.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Another show revealing jealousy/envy, hatred, class-less, tacky behavior towards black women by women…good for VH1 for cancelling.
    This show and others like it is not a true depiction of black women behavior. I have never been to dinner with my friends and thrown a drink or fought anyone of them, as a matter of fact it’s the exact opposite, laughter, love and true friendship!

    • Traboe on said:

      I never saw anyone throw a drink on another on this show or physically fight, they had arguments like everyone else they also laughed, comforted and sang with each other. Of the reality shows with black female casts this def was NOT one of the worst

      • specialt757 on said:

        Maybe or maybe not they’ve thrown drinks (I did not watch every episode), but I remember watching this show once and there was a big blow out at a restaurant with Keke and Angie (I believe) (first season) and the other ladies stepped in before a physical fight, so it was only for that, that it did not happen. But this show is not the only show I was referring to. These ladies are really talented as far as singing but the same comments relating to jealousy, hatred and tacky behavior still applies, Nicci Gilbert was the ring leader.

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    Didn’t watch don’t know who any of these people are and really can’t understnd why they are called diva’s so I guess I don’t care Bye Felecia

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