Kandi Burruss’ party last week on “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” was a total disaster, but she swears it wasn’t her fault.

Things got off to a rocky start when she tried to bring estranged cast members together for a night of girl talk, sexy chatter and bonding. What could possibly go wrong?

“I know how to throw great parties. The food and decor were on point! Dr. Rachael and I had some great games that we had put together for the ladies,” Kandi wrote in her Bravo blog. “It was supposed to be a really fun time, but a couple of things went wrong.”

For starters, Kandi accused Nene Leakes of being a complete party pooper–especially after she would have been paired up with Cynthia Bailey. Then one of her other guests, a woman with teal hair named Gocha, dropped a major bomb on the festivities by announcing that she once dated Demetria McKinney‘s beau Roger Bobb. Call it the face crack of the season!

Immediately, people on social media pegged Kandi for being messy because she had to know about Gocha’a past romance with Roger–which, by the way, had taken place during his relationship with Demetria. However, Kandi stated that she never intended to orchestrate such an embarrassing moment for the “RHOA” newbie.

“For everyone that tweeted saying Kandi must have known she dated Roger Bobb, the answer is yes. Of course I knew, BUT I wasn’t trying to set Demetria up,” Kandi insisted.

According to Kandi it wasn’t even her idea to have Roger’s ex at the party, but her best friend Carmon added her to the guest list and sprung it on Kandi. Sensing the potential for trouble, the “RHOA” mogul told her bff what a terrible idea that was.

“Carmon told me right before the party started that she had also invited our friends Toby and Gocha,” Kandi recalled. “I said to her that I didn’t know if it was a good idea for Gocha to come because she used to date Roger and Demetria was coming.”

Supposedly, Carmon offered to dis-invite Gocha, but Kandi explained that she didn’t think it would be right to exclude one of her older friends Demetria, who she barely knew at the time.

As anyone who has seen last week’s episode knows, things quickly went downhill the moment Gocha told Demetria about her tryst with Roger Bobb.

Unfortunately, as soon as Demetria said she was dating Roger Bobb for 8 years that was the end of party. Nobody said their man’s name but Demetria,” Kandi wrote. “I was mad because I didn’t want the party to end that quickly. I had a whole bunch of new Bedroom Kandi products that I wanted to show the girls. But oh well…”

After this mess, Kandi has made a new resolution, stating, ” For now on I’ll try to just keep her and Gocha on separate guest list.”

48 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Denies Being Messy

  1. Nene and Phaedra serve the haters with a long handle spoon, Kandi is messy,she should have put her foot down with this foolishness between Todd and her mother..

  2. Nene and Phaedra just think they r better then anyone of those girls and they forget they are one of those girls. If it wasn’t for Reality TV we wouldn’t know none of them
    . Bye Felicia.

  3. Kandi, u did nothing wrong. You need to ex your friend Cameron, she is a mess. I agree with u mother
    something about her is not right. NENE is always selling her self. We all know she got money. But
    a real woman will not brag about herself.. She is always put her two cent in.

  4. I fon’t think Kandi was messy. NeNe and Phadera are two peas in a pot throwing too much shade. There are just too old for that sort of mess. Kandi is real and I love her. I know some of her people as well.

  5. deborah on said:

    kandi you got it honest look at how your mother acts, get to know yourself, if you have messy friends somewhere in there you are a mess too!!!!

  6. The problem I saw that 1) it wasn’t necessary for Demetria to say who she was dating no one else did they said married, dating, single etc. 2) blue haired girl shouldn’t have said she dated him too nobody asked her. Demetria name drops Roger Bobb WAY too much! Kandi wasn’t being messy she can invite who she wants to her house it’s up to them to act like grown women. I really wonder if Demetria is truly dating him…..she might be dating him doesn’t mean he’s dating her! There is a difference.

    • Paulette on said:

      At Demetrias video party, Roger Bob told Kenya that Demetria was his lady, so, he admitted it as well as she. Also, Khandi may not be messy but after being on the show all these years, she has been around all of them enough to know when they are together things get toxic! She must love the drama too. Because I would never be in the same room as those cackling women speaking all at the same time. Who does that, if they are not like them themselves?

  7. Paulette on said:

    I like Khandi but, she plays both ends of the fence! She keeps trying to get these girls together when she know they do not get along after all these years! I mean Really? She needs to stay focused on what’s going on in her own life with her mom and husband and not worry about these immature women who loves drama! She tries to be too friendly with everyone, then makes back hand statements to the cameras. Each one of these ladies truly are no ones friend! Think about it! this is just a show for ratings, because I am sure you will see something different off cameras. Some people need to be relevant!

  8. You had to realize this would be a problem. Also stop trying to get grown women together for a koom bah ya moment. They aren’t ready to take the conversation to the next level and they never will be as much as they back stab each other on social media after every sit down they have. Also, when have you had a party that NENE did not kill the vibe at. Stop inviting her….Oops, you can’t because then there would be no story. Bye Felicia!

  9. Nasty, ghetto Kandi – at it again! The one who looks like they are all quiet and is friends with everyone is the main one who is stirring the pot! Kandi, please go take those nasty Kandi Koated toys to your house and stop being so trifling! God is watching you!

  10. hashtag@Kandi. Kandi always crying and making her self like she doesn’t break a plate. Pleaase girl you use to be a whore , I know you we use to hang , many in those days it wasn’t only one at at time. You can get out of the getto but getto don’t get out of you. kis kis later girl

  11. Well, just because people have money doesn’t mean they have class, as NeNe demonstrates each episode. It’s time for her to get off. She is cruel, obviously forgot where she came from, and could be headed again, if her attitude keeps up. Her fakeness is so obvious, from the hair to the teeth, to the orchestrated speech. Very insecure person, obviously because she’s always trying to shoot others down. Get a life. Kandi’s party could have been a success if she had friends with class. No one kisses and tells, only Ghetto Girls.

  12. Pallas on said:

    These “reality” shows are becoming so predictable. Kandi had no control over who attended that party. The producers manipulate the reality shows for ratings. If they didn’t the shows would be boring and we wouldn’t watch. What sane person would keep going to dinners, parties or on vacation with people they can’t stand?

  13. msstarr82 on said:

    gocha told her business to the crowd NOT kandi so i don’t see how kandi is at fault. she has no responsibility in how others behave. how anyone can expect kandi to control people she’s social with when she doesn’t have the cojones to step to her mother I”LL NEVER KNOW. demetria is the one with the problem and it’s that what she thinks of as her man, AIN’T reality to him!!


    • Tanisha on said:

      I was wondering when someone was going to mention Phaedra. She has self issues that she needs to deal with before she can go out and be a part of the world. And when I say self issues I mean self esteem, self confidence, self control etc. Goodbye Phaedra!

  15. I love kandi she is real and she is a leader she is not a follower,,that is what I love about kandi, she makes her own decisions, and she has made a name for her-self, it was very sweet for Kandi , to invite the ladies to that small dinner and try to make them move on and grow up.. those women have no class, and kandi put it together, and tried to let them get things off there chest, and work things out where they would be comfortable around each other. kandi nothing was your fault it all started with your friend. and the Doctor that you had there she asked those women to tell what kind of relationships. they where in. Nothing is your fault Kandi ,, you have fans and you are a wonderful person do not LET THOSE IGNORANT WOMEN TELL YOU DIFFERENT. YOU ARE A WINNER AND EVERYBODY LOVES A WINNER/ GOD BLESS YOU AND STAY IN PEACE. NOT PIECES.

  16. anderson on said:

    Kandi didn’t do anything wrong, but I believe she knew better to have her girlfriend there. She could had explain to Gouch that she would invite her to the next party but this one no and just told her she was sorry. Nene made herself look ugly than uglier. She should had never came to that party because she acted like she was something special and poor women is just plain ole sad. The RHWOA gave her a paycheck and the little money she has made has went to her head. She even got herself believing she is a movie star. OOuch!

  17. Demetria needs to put her big girl pants on and let it roll off her back since they have been “on” and “off” for 8 years. She should be up in Roger Bob’s face and not getting bent out of shape over a stupid question Phaedra asked her. They are all messy in one way or another. NeNe is full of her self. I am sick of Kenya starting mess then trying to play the victim all the time. She lacks self esteem because of the abandonment by her mother, therefore always needs to be the center of attention. Cynthia doesn’t know what side of the fence she wants to be on. Porsha is just trying to find herself and a man who will treat her right.

  18. Kandi has always been my favorite but I dont agree on how she handles the issues with her mom. I understand your parent is your parent but even sometimes they have to be put in their place. If she dosen’t be carefull she is going to lose Todd because of her. As far as NeNe she needs to sit her ass down and bring it down a few notches!!! She is full of her ugly self.

  19. Lisa Borick on said:

    You can pretend you didn’t know Gotcha, Goncha, Gucha… Whatever Teal hairs name is, but come on Kandi, you’re an intelligent lady you had to know this would cause friction. To blame it on messy Cameron is a good excuse, but one thing I do agree with your mother on is Cameron’s being messy.

  20. When having an event any and everything will and can happen. As for Demetria she should be more secure in her relationship since that seems to be all she talks about. I do not believe in letting anyone see me sweat I would have been like really Atl isn’t but so big so I was bound to meet someone he dated and I would’ve kept it moving! As far as NeNe being rude I would’ve handled it the same way I came to enjoy and have fun at a sex party not to explore/discuss my friendship issues/problems or lack there of with anyone there being that it doesn’t include anyone but myself and my former friend! Kandi is becoming messy she has started carrying bones but can’t deal with them in her own backyard(Mama Joyce)

  21. It is all for TV ratings! There was no reason NeNe could not be paired with Cynthia. As soon as they act like ladies and get along, the reality checks back in but in the next episode NeNe throws needless shade. I still believe that NeNe and Gregg got divorced for money, side show and a ring! Better own your home and car and save cause the fake gets old fast when the checks stop!

  22. Seriously, Nene is the nastiest bitch and I don’t know why she is still on that show. She bullies everyone and I don’t know why they feel they need to kiss her fat ugly ass all the time. GROW UP ALREADY BITCH!!!

  23. speak my mind on said:

    And if kandi’s mother had any respect for herself and was a real LADY she wouldn’t have any part of that kind of foolishness. But it takes a real lady.

  24. speak my mind on said:

    There is no need for her to cry cause to be honest all of them black bitches on the show and that was on the show in the past are MESSY.but I bet if they look back before they got on the they all had a decent life.whatever happen to the real black woman?

  25. kandi if you knew what was going to happen it was wrong, but to me you are a saint up to nene now the lady is evil and nene is the problem on the show with the hate. nene should be fire cause her hate for kenya and claudia cynthia is crazy. but you are a nice young lady just stay out of nene mess.

  26. bertye on said:

    I didn’t think Kandi was at fault for the bad behavior of Nene. That woman is just an egoistical, narcissistic, mean person and she is always stirring p trouble.

  27. Tanisha on said:

    I think Kandi is the secret, on the low messy girl. She’s always stirring up mess in the name of friendship. She’s too smart to be naïve to believe that when she says something that it won’t cause a problem. Side note: I agree NeNe should be off the show.

    • Kandi is messy. She straddle the fence. She knows everybody’s business and pretend that she is neutral. All of these women are an embarrassment to all women and especially women of color.I cannot understand why Cynthia,Kenya and the new girls are on the show!

  28. It all makes good reality tv. I thought it was actually handled well. Demetria is either in denial or a class act. She needs to know truth for her life decisions. It is all good. The only person I can’t stand is mean diva Nene. Get her off the show.

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