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Jacque Reid talks to Georgia Davis Powers about the last day of Dr. Martin Luther King‘s life. Powers is famously known for allegations as being Dr. King’s lover, but she’s also the first black female in the Kentucky Senate.

On being at the Loraine Motel the day of Dr. King’s assassination:

“When I opened the door and looked to the right. There were uniformed men coming into the courtyard. I went up the steps and across the balcony. I immediately thought he was dead because that bullet had severed his tie, one inch from the knot.”

On the alleged affair:

“It was not an affair. It was just close friendship. It happens to many people who have the same goals and work together. It’s very inaccurate to call me his lover. I’m not talking about my personal life in that way.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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27 thoughts on “Jacque Reid Talks To The Woman Who Allegedly Had An Affair With Dr. Martin Luther King

  1. dee nasir on said:

    lLeaders and entertainers’ personal/morals lives are their own matters when they sin it is between them and their families and their God. After all they are humans and as the word of God says we all fall short of goodness. We should only look leaders and entertainers for the professional skills they possess, their jobs; after all we never know who they are personally because they are not our family or friend. So, why are we shock, we don’t know them!

  2. Why did the headline say ALLEGEDLY and then try to twist it to make it seem like the woman was his mistress? I know that Dr. King was human and may have been tempted by women, but I DO NOT believe that he had affairs! When would he have time to be alone intimately with another woman? His soldiers in the movement were always around him, and he was way too busy fighting for justice and fearing for his life against racists! I’m sure he had female friends but most of them were probably unsung soldiers in the fight. There were women around him depicted in the movie “Selma” and they were about fighting for Civil Rights. The notions of infidelity were cooked up by J.Edgar Hoover to destroy and humiliate the man. Everything is NOT about sex!!

    • Willie on said:

      Lois, brothers be tipping, whether they be Dr. M.L.K. Jr. or Bill Cosby or Tyrone…brothers be tipping–don’t get worked-up on the subject–the first President, George Washington was tipping on the Black female slaves; Thomas Jefferson; Andrew Jackson & so on & so on.

  3. RENO2AC on said:

    It is well known and documented that King had multiple extra marital affairs. This, however, does not negate his legacy. So, keep moving, there is no story here.

  4. “It was not an affair. It was just close friendship. It happens to many people who have the same goals and work together. It’s very inaccurate to call me his lover. I’m not talking about my personal life in that way.”

    Well, Jackie may be talking about her personal life because Mrs. Georgia Davis Powers wrote about her “personal life in that way” in *her* book, “I Shared the Dream: The Pride, Passion, and Politics of the First Black Woman Senator from Kentucky”, first.

  5. MLK is a good man for what he had to go through, he talk the talk and walk it as a man. so i care less about who he dated . a few people who don’t like martin king finds this one to talk about job and paycheck how much make. they are the ones show no respect to MLK. so much hate but we see you at the pool when we vote. ok GOP

  6. Queen Heavner on said:

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  7. Smart lady for not discussing her personal life. It would not matter to me if MLK had an affair or not it would not minimize my high level of respect for him and all the others who were apart of the Civil Rights Movement.

  8. Black Man on said:

    Instead of writing that the King family won a lawsuit against the government, for killing Dr. Martin Luther King JR., oh you didn’t know, you post this? I no longer support black america web, the TJMS, the fantastic voyage, or the any network Jacque Reid achors.

  9. michael mitchell on said:

    Yall are killing me…I would rather hear an interview with father’s who allow their daughters to get beat like dudes by athletes and entertainers evidently because of their high tax bracket. Next some .com company will pop telling us who Frederick Douglas had an affair with…Who the “watch yo mouth” cares?

    • Aarona Calamease on said:

      Michael, that’s because some of these folks don’t have no life. They thrive off of other people’s lives. And the sad part we always digging in dead people past. Let this husband and wife RIP

  10. Danita on said:

    Why would you want to do this story? Why would you want to besmirch such a great leader with this disrespectful story? He’s dead and can’t even defend himself. Why participate in muddying his legacy? You’re the LAST person I thought would do a story like this, Tom.

  11. Why does this matter to anyone? It is not news or newsworthy. It’s garbage! Who said she’s famously known? I never heard of her & don’t want to in this respect ever again. Why can’t she talk about her service in Kentucky legislature instead of this garbage. Ridiculous!

  12. I have realized every time a BLACK MAN make good there’s always some nonsense to break them down. All these people needs to worry about their own personal lives!!! First it was Michael Jackson then Bill Cosby now this. These people are people who are trying to help others. It becomes shameful when it’s actually your own kind trying to download grade them

    • Aarona Calamease on said:

      Exactly my point June. I am so sick and tired of our people trying to make a quick buck off of some negative junk that has nothing to do with us as individuals. So what he had an affair with some tramp. Even if it’s true, I can care less about it. This man laid his life on the line and never got the chance to see his children grow up and go too college. I wonder what kind of junk is in her Trunk? Because none of us are perfect. We are have done something, that’s not right. Go get a life.

  13. cheryl on said:

    Yes I was quite amused when she told Sybil it would do her good not to ask her anything about that. I am not discussing my personal business. Lol!!!

  14. PENIS & VAGINA; there is just too much focus on the penis & vagina…the world is on the brink of World War 3, and we are focused one the penis & vagina.

  15. specialt757 on said:

    Sounds like another story about a black man’s legacy and character assassination. Damn next they’re be trying take back the Holiday!

    • Kathryn Atkins on said:

      I don’t even believe what the so called FBI claimed to have uncovered. What about Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe or Franklin Roosevelt?

  16. Timekeeper on said:

    Leave it to Jacque Reid to pull a 40 year old story out of her narrow, boney behind which didn’t even have any accuracy.

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