UV light is one of the most influential factors in aging skin. The importance of daily SPF usage is crucial as it prevents premature aging, discoloration, and uneven skin tone and skin cancer.

7. Hand TLC 

If there is anything that can give away your age, or falsify it, it’s your hands. You expose your hands to all types of elements on a regular basis. Try taking better care of them. Use gloves when you clean, moisturize them after every wash and get manicures.

8. Deep Condition & Treat 

Yes, I know hair wash day is nothing any of us enjoy (especially if you are doing it yourself), but your hair loves it. Try taking extra care and giving your hair some extra treatment and love. Deep condition the hair and treat with protein when necessary. Your hair will thank you later and you will love how you hair looks and feels.

9. No More Picking

The attack on your pimples has got to stop. It’s time to let those horrible bumps run their course. Trust me, trying to poke, squeeze and scrape them away is only causing you more harm than good.

10. Try Something New 

Come on, I know what you are use to may look and feel great, but it’s 2015! It’s time to try something different. Switch up your look a bit. Try a new lipstick color, learn how to do your eye makeup, change your hair color or style your ‘do different. The sky is the limit with endless change opportunities.


10 Beauty Resolutions For 2015  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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