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Being Mary Jane doesn’t return until February 3, but this second season preview has us counting the days until it comes back.

If you remember, we left off last season with Atlanta TV personality Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) letting go of Andre (Omari Hardwick, now on the Starz hit Power) the married man she’d been seeing and finding out that her old flame, David (Stephen Bishop) was having a baby with a white woman. Gasp!

Mary Jane’s relationships with her family, including her mother, two brothers and niece, were fairly complicated as well, even though her father (Richard Roundtree) provided her with some solid support.At work, things were up and down as she often clashed with her hard-driving producer (Lisa Vidal).

We don’t know a lot yet about this season, although we do know that David’s back and Andre’s return is up in the air. All of the other original cast members remain and we’re looking forward to what drama is on the way for them in Season 2, which adds two episodes more than the first season, bringing the total in season 2 to 10.

Being Mary Jane premieres on BET on February 3 at 10 p.m.

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2 thoughts on “Dinner Party Goes Very Wrong On ‘Being Mary Jane’ Season Two Preview [WATCH]

  1. Yes this is going to be good. However lets stop the madness in thinking that lots of black men are with white women. It appears to me that LOTS of black men aren’t committing to any women….Black, white, nor brown. Their loss. If Black men want to live their lives alone….that’s on them……lonely souls. LOL

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